Sunday Currently – A Lone Weekend

February embroidery


Sunday Currently

I was happy to finish up this months embroidery project before the month was half over but I just barely made it!


Reading: I started Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich, our library for some reason has all but number one in this series but I take what I can get from there so I am happy that they have so many!

Writing: I have been working on our summer trip itinerary and I am sure some people would just type it up but I need to see those sort of things on physical paper.

Listening: I recently watched Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation on Netflix and am looking up some of the artist featured that I was not already familiar with and have been happy with the results.

Thinking: That we were not planning on celebrating Valentines but since it seems it will be the only Friday Mr. H has off this month we will be doing something that weekend anyways but it will be at home as crowded restaurants and trudging through slushy snow do not sound fun.

Smelling: Our neighbors fireplace, if the wind is blowing the right way I can smell the wood burning in their fireplace and each time it makes me wish we will have our own fireplace one day.

Wishing: We had more food in the fridge, tomorrow is grocery shopping today but I would love a wonderful afternoon snack or some ice cream right now!

Hoping:  I get an ok from my grandma tomorrow and we can book their rooms to come visit us in June!

Wearing: Yoga pants and a huge hooded sweatshirt I “borrowed” from someone in college, it was not something I would ever wear out of the house but is perfect for a cold grey day in.

Wanting: Art supplies, I love all the cross stitch and embroidery supplies I have but I am missing painting and charcoals lately as winter does create some lovely landscapes.

Needing: To be able to accept defeat, I started an embroidery project in January that really bogged me down as I was not happy with how it was looking and I need to finally just put it aside and move on.

Feeling: A bit of the ants in my pants now that we have solid plans for summer trips and our March trip totally booked. It is making February seem so long and not important!

Watching: Call the Midwife, I had been wanting to watch this series but knew it was going to be intense so I waited for the perfect time which was this weekend since Mr. H has had long night shifts both nights.


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