2014 Goals – January Review

2014 Goals January Update

We have been slowly adding to our 2014 Goals poster and I wanted to share what we have done so far.

To have Balance we have added:

Go to bed when tired – We both will deny we are tired and sit watching TV mindlessly on the couch. It is no good and in January except for a few weekend night we were in bed by 11 and it has made a huge difference to our days.

Personal time – I have a hard time giving Mr. H space and time to be alone while at home and I can see that working on it this month makes the time we spend together better.

Study Breaks – Mr. H started doing 1 hr of study and then 15 minutes of break time and it helped focus his studying and made it more productive.

Portion Control – For our anniversary we bought some steaks and ate way more than a normal portion. The next day we felt gross so we are working on eating appropriate portions for the food we are eating.

To learn to relax we have added:

No TV during meals – Also except for two times on the weekend we have not watched TV during meals and it has been so nice to just talk and focus on our food. It has also made us take more time to savor our food and dinners are lasting longer (in a good way).

Eat Slowly – There have been times in the past where we were done with dinner in 10 minutes which is just silly. Taking a longer time makes the food more important and digestion way better!

Leisure Reading – I have always been a leisure reader but Mr. H has started reading for relaxation and not just school which is also making his free time feel more productive.

Start dinner at 5pm every night – I would often not start dinner till 7 and then we were both overly hungry and I felt very rushed. Now starting at the same time each night lets me enjoy cooking and we are not going to bed still feeling full of dinner.

Less TV watching – Instead of instantly turning the TV on when we have some downtime we have been reading, playing games, or just talking and it has been wonderful.

To be happy we have added:

Be on top of chores – Going to bed with a clean kitchen and home makes getting up in the morning a much more relaxing experience.

Eat salads – This may seem an odd thing to add to being happy but eating a salad for lunch makes you feel good. Especially when it is crappy weather out those burst of veggies and freshness are wonderful.

Have treats – Ok so this going right after salad is ironic but saying out loud or writing in this case that treats are ok make you enjoy them when you have them and not agonize for hours after about it.

Be realistic – I wrote about this a bit before in this post but basically being realistic about life and the various things you encounter makes for less let downs and way more happy.

 I am interested to see what else we will encounter over the year that will be added and enhance our life as more than once we have referenced this and it has been a great help already.

12 thoughts on “2014 Goals – January Review

  1. I love the less TV rule. It can be so easy to pop the TV on when you’ve got some down time, but I’m trying to get better at turning it (and my computer off) if I’m not really into what is on, or if I’m just channel surfing etc.

  2. You guys have made such good progress! I really agree with the being on top of chores… I hate going into the kitchen to make breakfast and immediately seeing the previous nights’ dishes.

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