Sunday Currently – A Teeny Bit Hungover

fried eggs

Last night we had bacon and egg sandwiches for dinner as we were to lazy (i.e. hungover) to make what was planned. I always feel a bit naughty disregarding plans and having breakfast food for dinner but it was o so very tasty.

Sunday Currently

Reading: Inferno by Dan Brown, I was so happy to see the library had an English copy and snatched it up quickly. I am also excited as Mr. H wants to read it too and then we can talk books together!

Writing: I loved this 28 day challenge Carrie wrote about and while I did not start today or yesterday for that matter I am going to start this week and am excited to get back to pen on paper writing.

Listening: To the soundtrack from I’m Not There and enjoying all the Bob Dylan covers. 

Thinking: I am going to be productive this week and make myself a to do list of easy things I have been wanting to do but have been lazy and watched Medium instead of last week. 

Smelling: Burts Bees, we imbibed a bit more than one should this weekend and now my lips are feeling very chapped. 

Wishing: My grocery list and meal planning was all done. Only two things sound good to me and I need 5 more.

Hoping: Some neighbors I absolutely cannot stand are being really loud and I am seriously hoping it is because they are moving out. 

Wearing: Leggings and an old t-shirt of Mr. H’s, we did some household chores today which meant old and comfy clothes.

Loving: That we cleaned out the bookcases and I found a brand new journal that I can start using this week.

Wanting: Trivial Pursuit add on pack questions. We have one version of the game and love it but we would love more question packs but I am having a hard time tracking some down.

Feeling: Content, this weekend Mr. H and I spent so much quality time together and it made me ready for this next week when he only has one day at home.

Watching: Our plan is to eat ice cream and watch Pain and Gain tonight which means some good eye candy for me!

What have you been up to this week?

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