Inside vs Outside Clothes

When I wrote about wearing shoes inside on Wednesday Amanda left a comment saying she often does not even want to wear pants when home let alone shoes.

It hid a chord with me because I am the same way!

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time at my grandparents and every night when my grandmother would come home from work she would take off her fancy sweater, nylons, dress pants and high heels and switch them out for house clothes.

This must have been ingrained into my mind though because I do the same thing.


This is a typical fall outfit for me which I am comfy in when I leave the house. When I leave the house though I walk along a gravelly road, sit on the bus where tons of other people have sat that I do not know, walk around in public, perhaps even sit in a cafe.

Then the moment I get home I have this huge compulsion to get those clothes in the hamper as fast as possible.

I cannot wear those outside clothes inside my house!

So am I totally weird that I have inside and outside clothes?

I mean my inside clothes are really comfy and consist of yoga pants and old tank tops and sweatshirts which really are the best clothes in the world so it is not that weird right?


20 thoughts on “Inside vs Outside Clothes

  1. Haha! Do watch the Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon refers to his ‘Bus Pants’? This totally reminds me of that! :) I don’t change, unless it’s really uncomfy, but now you have me thinking…

  2. Haha, it’s funny–the only time I’ve ever done this is when I was pregnant. Usually, I just feel “meh” if I wear sweats or anything other than clothes I’d feel comfortable leaving the house in. But when I was pregnant (and particularly hugely pregnant), I’d put on pants to leave the house, but the minute I came back in, I lived in boyshort underwear and maternity tank tops. All. The. Time. And it was actually pretty awesome. The only thing was that I was always paranoid that I had left the house without putting on my shorts first, and I’d always have to bend over to peek over my belly and see if I had them on ;)

  3. Hahaha. I am so so so glad that you do this to! No matter what I am wearing, almost as soon as I walk through the door it’s clothes off, leggings/yoga pants/or girl pajama shorts (in summer) on. Always. Because we have such different schedules sometimes Sam goes a full week without seeing me in “real” clothes.

  4. This seems really normal to me because I do the same thing. I have the clothes that I wear when I am going out to do normal every day errands or clothes for work, but when I come home I am immediately out of them and into yoga pants/leggings with a comfy tee/sweat shirt. I would be happy for life if I could get by wearing just yoga pants, comfy tees, and clogs (not fashionable, but ooh so comfortable).

  5. I only started having “house clothes” when I became a worker bee. As a student, my clothes were just clothes outside of my PJS. Now I change into sweats/tights/yoga pants when I get home from work and a comfy sweater or a t-shirt. I think I do it as a way of officially ending the work day. If that makes any sense! lol

  6. This is me as well! There’s no way I’m going to hang out at home in something other than my PJs after having to wear real clothes all day! The habit actually started when we first got our cats because I wanted to cuddle them, but not get my clothes all hairy. I got used to always changing my shirt, and then after a while, swapping into yoga pants became the norm as well. Now, I’d have it to other way! I walk a thin line between “real” shirt and still being in yoga pants when we have guests… depends on how close of a friend it is!

  7. I am much the same way! It makes me crazy to leave the “outside” clothes on. I leave the house in the morning before my husband awakens and I have my “comfy” indoor scrubs on when he comes home in the evenings. He has no idea of my wardrobe…..which might be a good thing!

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