Cinnamon Coffee at Home

cinnamon coffee


This summer my grandma taught me an easy trick to having flavored coffee in a cheap and healthy way.

After adding your coffee to your coffee maker of choice, we use a French Press, sprinkle in some ground cinnamon. I am not sure the exact amount I use as I just sprinkle till I think it looks good! I then gently swirl the French Press to incorporate the cinnamon throughout the coffee. I know my grandmother keeps a jar of coffee that is mixed with cinnamon so it is all done ahead of time but since Mr. H is not a fan I do it per pot.

Then you just continue to make the coffee per usual method of your maker.

French Press and Cinnamon

I am currently using Santa Maria brand because it was on sale at Christmas time but before I was using the ICA brand and it worked just as well. Even though the cinnamon is fine it works with the French Press and I have never felt like the coffee was grainy.

Finished Cinnamon Coffee - Manchester Starbucks Mug

When you are finished you have a nice mug of flavored coffee that is all natural.

I have also heard of people adding chili flavor to their grounds which I have not tried but I think I am going to try a bit of vaniljsocker – Swedish baking must – and see how it goes.

What is your favorite way to drink coffee?


5 thoughts on “Cinnamon Coffee at Home

  1. Great idea. I love coffee but I have yet to find a flavored coffee that I like. Most of the flavored beans I’ve tried taste so fake. I’ll have to try brewing coffee and cinnamon in our french press. We’ll see how it goes! :)

  2. Any way I can get it? lol. I recently switched to French Press vs old drip coffee maker and I love it. I also sometimes add chocolate milk and then a sprinkle of cinnamon on top if I’m feeling adventurous. I am so trying our idea tomorrow though!


  3. I love cinnamon in coffee! You’re grandma’s so right it just adds a little something to it! And for me, it keeps me from adding cream or sugar which is always a good thing!

    ps. that French press is so cute. We have the most cumbersome drip coffee coffee-maker and I ABHOR it. A good french press is on the “investment list” ! :)

    • O well it does not keep me from adding sugar sadly! Thanks, I actually ordered it from amazon and it was on sale because I guess green was not so popular and was only like 14 pounds!

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