Sunday Currently – Change is in the Air

taco sides

I am pretty sure that these are four of my favorite foods/condiments and when we paired them with chicken and tortillas this week I was in heaven…ahhhh Mexican food you are the best!

 Sunday Currently

Reading: Yesterday I finished The Cater Street Hangman by Anne Perry and started No Graves As Yet also be Anne Perry. I really enjoyed The Cater Street Hangman and am looking forward to reading more in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series.

Writing: Mr. H is starting a practique this week and so it is changing up how I normally plan meals and I am trying to get our shopping list done so we do not have to worry about it later this week.

Listening: To the Red Hot Chili Peppers, last week Mr. H finished reading Scar Tissue the Anthony Kiedis autobiography and so we have been reacquainting ourselves with their catalog. I have been surprised how many of their songs have really strong memories attached to them for me and also have made me nostalgic for when I would spend hours watching music videos on MTV.

Thinking: How good it feels to start the week with all the big chores done. The laundry was turning into Mount Kilimanjaro but I conquered it today!

Smelling: Mustiness, all of the books we brought from California have a serious musty smell. It seems glamorous to live right by the beach but the damp creeps into everything and is nasty.

Hoping: for a smooth transition to Mr. H being out of the house so much. I am very happy he has not overnight shifts but there are still times when it will be quite late before he comes home which means so spooky show watching for me.

Wearing: Jeans, my least favorite undershirt and my most favorite hoodie! It is laundry day in a major way, like bottom of the barrel undies and this undershirt that makes me feel like a sausage!

Loving: Cooking recipes handed down through my family, tonight it is the goulash my grandmother taught my mother and when I cook it I feel such a sense of how I have grown and care for having my own little family.

Wanting: New clothes, I very rarely buy new clothes but winter makes everything just look the same since it is covered up with coats and hats and scarves and I would love a bright scarf to stand out in all the black.

Needing: A bit of motivation, I have a project that is 90% done and for some reason I am having trouble finding the oomph to finish it!

Feeling: Anxious. I know that Mr. H is going to do great in his pratique but it is still making me a bit anxious that he will be working at the hospital for the next 8 weeks and more there than home!

Watching: We started watching the current season of The Taste on Friday and are already 3 episodes in. I like that it is a fast paced competition since 2 people are kicked of each week so my interest does not wane.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Change is in the Air

  1. I am dying for a Mexican feast, my husband can’t eat it as the spices upset his tummy so I’m super jealous of your feast :)

    Good luck to Mr H for his practical!

  2. Accessories are so much more affordable than a full outfit – you should definitely treat yourself to a new scarf or hat (or even boots!). Oh, and I can’t watch spooky shows when I am going to be home alone at night ;)

    jess | Quanitrelle

  3. I’ve really hated getting dressed this winter – I’m not used to the dullness of coats and boots. Thank goodness for earrings, scarves and hats (even though mine are just as neutral and dull). I need colour! OR Spring :D

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