Lucky Church Key

lucky beer church key


As you may have noticed Mr. H and I are beer aficionados and like to not only partake in drinking beer but love to also collect glasses and other beer paraphernalia.

When we were home this summer my grandfather was very intrigued in our beer love and gifted us some old bottle openers he bought at a jumble sale as they reminded him of his youth. He told us they used to call them church keys and you would often get them for free at the liquor store with a purchase and had advertising like the one pictured above. The one we have was a promo for the beer pictured below and were designed to open that type of can as well.


When my grandfather gave them to us we packed them right away and not till we got home did we notice the phrase but it cracks me up each time we use it now!

Do collect any odd and ends?


2 thoughts on “Lucky Church Key

  1. I remember having one in the house that had a magnet on the back so it stuck to our fridge. I never knew they were called “church keys” though. I wonder why! x

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