Being Home Sick with Stupid Asthma Award (Slightly Made Up Award)

It seems the internet knew I was sick so in order to cheer me up had not one but two people nominate me for blogging awards! I have decided to combine them into my own award called Being Home Sick with Stupid Asthma. Now that is damn catchy and I am sure people will be queuing up for it in no time…. Ok maybe not as sounding like an 80 yr old hippo after walking across the room is not fun but luckily if I sit in one place I am ok so you get to have this post from me!

being home sick is stupid

Now onto the good stuff, the questions right those are the best!

The first set are from Claire and the second set are from Mariah:

1. If you could go back in time ten years and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?

That the guy you are with is a total dickhead and you will be ok when he breaks your heart.

2. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Mint n’ Chip, o heavenly minty and chocolatey ice cream. There is one brand that sells it in Sweden but it is rare to find it and when I do I prefer not to share!

3. If you were to take me on a date, where would we go and why?

Ok so I am not sure if this is like a random what kind of date do you like or I am supposed to go with Claire in particular but either way I like dates that involve sitting over drinks in a busy but not too loud bar talking and eating finger food.

4. Above all else, what are you afraid of?

Not being able to be with Mr. H, when you are in a marriage that is dependent on a government saying you can live in the same place you live in fear that one day you will be ripped apart and it will be out of your control.

5. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Get a doctorate, I would love to continue my education but while I love school I am not very good at it so if I could go all the way to a phd without failing it would be lovely.

6. What has been your favorite age to be and why?

I really enjoyed year 23 as I was able to take huge strides in setting up my own identity but I have to say that I am feeling pretty good at 28 as well. It seems that with each year I get more and more comfortable with myself and my confidence grows which is never a bad thing.

7. Coffee or tea?

Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. More than once I have been sick, like you know with the toilet sorta sick, because I had tea in the morning but coffee sits fine then.

1. Name one reason you started blogging?

I wanted to share my ideas how life is the same no matter where you are and you can attain the same level of happiness anywhere if you seek out what you really want.

2. Beach or Mountains?

I say beach but not like sunny Hawaii beaches with suntanning and what not, I want a cold windswept beach that is all moody and dark. (yes I know this is weird)

What is your Myers Briggs? If you don’t know, what is your Astrological Sign?

I did a post on Myers Briggs before and I was an INTJ. My sign is cancer which I always wished they would rename because you know how when you were in jr high people would always ask and read them from Teen Vogue or whatever and it felt so bad saying cancer.

Name the bravest thing you have ever done.

In 2008 I put all my stuff in storage and traveled around Europe alone for three months and it was wonderful but now I often look back and think holy cow that was me that did that!

What did you have for dinner last night?

We had pork curry with rice and I cannot wait to eat the leftovers today!

What’s your go to swear word?

Hmmm I like to change up words and try to make Mr. H laugh as well when I curse you know like fuckballs but I think shit is the one that appears most frequently.

If you could take a trip tomorrow and money was no object, where would you go?

I feel like I should say California but really I would just scoop up my favorite people there and have them come to London with me as I am missing that city lately.
What’s your favorite cocktail?

I really want to say something hip but honestly White Russians are the best and whenever I get to have one I am a very happy lady.

What is the best book you have read in the past year?

I did a review of books I read in 2013 recently and I do not think I can pick just one!

Heels or flats? Shorts or Skirt?

Flats all the way, when I was younger I hated being short so I wore heels and platforms everywhere but now I am team flats all the way.

Now if you see me wearing shorts you will be in some alternative universe as my legs do not look so good in shorts but skirts are wonderful and glorious and when I do not live in arctic tundra conditions my closet will once again be full of them.

What does your name mean in the urban dictionary? (just pick the one you want to go with)

Well I mean this is obviously spot on:

The BEST girl you could ever find, Amaaaazing in every way.. Just doesn’t realize it yet. Talk to her, you’ll love her inside and out. HOTTIEEE!! ;)
Hey…. there goes Bailie. I’m gonna go get her numberr(:
So that was the question part of the post and now I am supposed to tell you things about me, this whole blog is things about me though right? Ok fine I will tell you some things about me but do not expect them to be very interesting:
O and I am doing whatever number I think of as one award was 11 and one was 7 and 18 is just way too much thinking for a sick person
1. I cannot cook in long sleeves, so if I go to cook dinner and I am wearing a long sleeved shirt I will change.
2. When I go out of the shower today I put on pj’s since I am sick and it seemed acceptable.
3. I find it really funny to wear my Cal State Fullerton sweatpants and sweatshirt at the same time, the sweatshirt is almost 11 yrs old though and really needs to be put down.
4. I really like to steal Mr. H’s cardigans but feel bad since he cannot use any of my clothes
5. I hate the feeling of wet silverware and so it is often in the dish drying rack hours after I have put away the other dishes so I can ensure it is really dry
6. I have not worked since June of 2011 and when I think of having to go for a job interview which will not be till some time in 2015 I start to freak out
Ok 6 was good right I mean it is an even number!
Well seeing as I just did whatever the hell I felt like with this I shall not nominate anyone but will add some questions so if you are feeling a bit of writers block go ahead and answer them and you can add that wonderful ;) graphic I did up there to go with it. If you do actually do that, I do not really think anyone will, email me and I will link to it!
1. If you had to collect something and display it in your house what would it be?
2. How many pillows do you sleep with?
3. If someone was going to write a book about your life what kind of book would it be? i.e. thriller, romance, boring etc
4. If you could only have either a washing machine or dishwasher in your house which would you pick?
5. What is your favorite kind of cheese?
6. Would your rather make out with Elvis or Kurt Cobain (when they were alive obviously)?
7. Imagine you are an Olympic athlete what would  your gold medal be in?
8. Do you think that flying cars or cars that drove themselves would be cooler?
9. Do you think you act your age and if not what age do you think you act more like?
10. Do you go for appetizers or dessert?


12 thoughts on “Being Home Sick with Stupid Asthma Award (Slightly Made Up Award)

  1. #4 #4 #4. I can’t stress it more. People who aren’t in multi-national relationships will never understand. It’s a stress that lurks in the back of my mind ALWAYS. Until I get dual-citizenship I’ll never stop worrying about it. x

  2. Very cool approach :) Hope you feel better soon! I’m totally a flats and skirt girl..I’m getting to old age now and want everything to be comfortable :) And your questions are SUPER hard! #4 b/c I would use the dishwasher everyday and I guess I could suck it up and take the laundry out, plus you could more easily pay someone to do it…as opposed to hiring a maid to handle the dishwashing. #5 all of them, P and I actually went to the National Cheese Conference tasting and sampled a ton of cheese until we were sick (there was over 500). Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I have been getting such shit for drinking White Russians recently! They are just so tasty in the winter time though I can’t refuse but then I get made fun of by the twenty two years old I hang out with from time to time who had never even heard of one before I ordered it. Glad to hear I’m not alone! I kind of want one right now.

  4. Sorry you’re not well again… I know how much asthma sucks :(
    I also love borrowing cardigans or jerseys or hoodies or whatever else is snuggly, but share your guilt in that Malcolm can’t steal mine. They’re just so much more comfy than my own!

  5. Oh man, you should go for the PhD if it interests you! It’s crazy not to when it’s not only free, but you get a subsidy from the government as well! If you want any advice on the admission process (it’s super centralized all through one website for all schools in Sweden of course), drop me a line! Worst case, you take one free class, try it out, and decide if it’s something you’re sure of.

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