The Perfect Pour

the perfect pour


This summer my grandparents kept laughing about how precise Mr. H is when he pours a beer. We often buy new or a bit pricier beers and share them so we can experience more and find ones we really love.

Sometimes though we buy beers that are in 750 ml bottles, the same as a wine bottle, and for those we use these awesome glasses we bought at IKEA and that is where the real precision comes in.

We turn into little kids and will eye up the glasses and make sure we are each getting our fair share.

I captured this pour on our anniversary last week and was so excited to see the beer coming down and the concentration of Mr. H.

For the record this is what we were having:

yule smith alesmith

Yule Smith by Ale Smith

It was great and a gem from our Christmas Pantry!

O and if you have not tried drinking beer out of a big wine glass you are missing out!


10 thoughts on “The Perfect Pour

  1. Such a pretty bottle! When I buy drinks (wine or beer) I decide which one to get based on how much I like the bottle. This one looks tasty! I have to say, I have not yet tried to drink beer out of a wine glass, but I definitely will!

  2. Oh man. This is serious business in Belgium. The pour + the glass is a technique! My husbands goal is to get the particular glass for each of his favorite Belgian beers.. but they don’t match! I want pretty displays like yours!!

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