Sunday Currently – 72+ Hours of Snow Edition

snow tree January

 Sunday Currently

Alright I might be done with the mushy gushy stuff for a bit but I have a feeling you are going to be hearing about snow for quite awhile. It has being snowing almost non-stop since Wednesday night!

Reading: I have been deep in the world of Detective Vera Stanhope (Ann Cleeves) this week which has been great as the books are all set in foul weathered areas and have fitted in great with the weather outside. Today though I think I might switch it up and read a Maggie Shayne book and savor having another last Ann Cleeves library book to look forward to.

Writing: Words and phrases on our 2014 poster, I think I will recap at the end of the month the key things we have learned so far.

Listening: On Friday I discovered an app for Spotify called Bluesify, I was already in love with the Classify one and now I cannot wait to dig into the Bluesify one and satisfy my need for moody music right now.

Thinking: How much I enjoy dark nail polish, I have a stash of blacks and dark blues and purples from my college days and used one of Friday and now I remember why I bought them. The colors work great on my skin tone and accent my knuckle tats really well too!

Smelling: Vinegar and hair oil, this is the first time Mr. H has let his hair grow since he was a kid and I am teaching him how to do a Sunday rinse and get out all that gunk from the week.

Wishing: I had sparkling water but yesterday at the store I was being lazy and did not want to carry it home.

Hoping: That this next week goes smooth, Mr. H will be at the hospital getting information on starting his pratique!

Wearing: My Sunday best of Old Navy running pants and Stone Brewing zip up hoodie.

Loving: That we have had a really wonderful weekend celebrating and there is still leftover meat and cheese in the fridge to snack on later.

Wanting: A washing machine in my apartment, I try to be positive since we do get to do the laundry for free but traipsing through the snow with the laundry is not really my idea of a good time.

Feeling: Blessed that we live in a place where even amidst all the snow we could go out and have a few drinks to celebrate and the bar was full giving the night a really merry and fun feeling.

How is your January going?


8 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – 72+ Hours of Snow Edition

  1. I’m with you on the wishing for a washing machine… at least ours is in our building, but not always available, and having the right coins is a pain.
    Anyway, that photo is beautiful and I’m glad you’re enjoying the snowiness still. Can’t believe January is nearly over?!

  2. That photo is stunning! It makes me miss the snow, although I know I don’t really want to go back to living in a cold country.

    What’s a vinegar and hair oil rinse? Interested to see what you do!

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