Swedish Style Breakfast – Toast Edition

swedish breakfast with toastGrowing up for me a weekday breakfast was cereal with milk and if you were lucky on the weekend you would have eggs and bacon maybe even some french toast.

I viewed toast as more of a snack than main breakfast food that could be done up to be extra tasty and a be a filling breakfast.

Since moving to Sweden though Mr. H has brought me around to a breakfast of toast and extras.

The picture above is from a weekday last week where we had:

Multigrain Toast – In Sweden there is specific bread called toast which is to be toasted and toasting other bread is looked upon as weird


Bonjour – I am not sure where else this is sold but it is like flavored cream cheese and so good to spread on toast. It was on special last week so we bought sun dried tomato and herb.

Lunch meat – We often rotate weeks between lunch meat, cheese, and liverwurst or depending what is on special. The lunch meat here is cognac medwurst which is like a smoked salami sort of thing and is really good and I highly recommend trying it if you are in Sweden.

Veggies – Cucumbers are very popular in Sweden and add a great crunch to the toast and everyone loves a bit of tomato on a sandwich right?

Not crucial to the toast part but we also had apple juice which makes me feel like a kid but goodness it is so good!

What is your favorite toast topping?


14 thoughts on “Swedish Style Breakfast – Toast Edition

  1. I never ate cereal growing up- I was the weird kid that didn’t really like it. So I’ve always been a toast girl (bagels on special occasions). And while I can really appreciate some aspects of a full-English breakfast I can’t really handle it. It’s so much food to start your day with!!!! x

  2. Oh, this reminds me of when I lived in England! (granted, I had a Norwegian and Mexican roommate) They would eat toast with baked beans, ketchup, and an egg on top! I thought it was weird, until I tried it. So good!

    In Italy they have mini toasts that I LOVED. I used to put cream cheese and lunch meat on it for breakfast. YUM!

  3. Looks familiar! We like to do lingon grova bread with egg and veggies on top, though usually only taking the time for that on the weekends. The lunch meats, cheese and veggies are so great too when looking for something lighter. Our weekend “breakfast” usually turns more into lunch by the time we get around to it.

  4. The Germs are the same with the toast bread thing. Here they eat bread rolls for breakfast, almost exclusively, with cheeses, meats, ‘salads’ (aka creamy meat things) and sometimes tomato or cucumber. Growing up, for me in Australia, a classic breakfast was Vegemite on toast, or jam and cheese, or peanut butter. I still love Vegemite toast and find it very comforting, even though we don’t eat a great deal of toast here. It’s also fantastic with cheese and an egg on top!

  5. It’s strange because I have never considered toast to be part of a Swedish breakfast – when I used to visit (before living here), they would always frown when I asked for “rostat bröd”! hah! I love lots of things on toast: eggs, jam, beans, pate or just plain butter!

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