My Favorite Part the Kitchen: The Coffee & Tea Corner

corner 1

Nestled between the fridge and the stove is this small space of countertop in our kitchen. When we first moved in we put the kettle there since the socket was there and had the butcher block of knives as well.

Over time though it seemed it was not really being used to its full potential and that is when the Coffee and Tea Corner was born.

It was fairly cheap and easy to put together and now in the morning when we are sleepy or anytime of day really  it is a breeze getting tea or coffee made.

coffee and tea in jars

We started with these two glass jars from IKEA (19kr / $3 a piece) for unwrapped tea bags and coffee.

glass tea bag holder

Next we scoured our local thrift store for a dish to store the wrapped tea bags. We found this rectangle glass dish (6 kr / $1) in the discount section, I am not sure what it was originally intended for but it fits the tea bags perfectly.

gold sugar bowl

Once the tea and coffee was sorted I pulled out this sugar bowl from the china cabinet that we used at our wedding. To the left of the sugar bowl is stacked the used tea bag holders, you know so when you take your tea to the table you have a place for the tea bag and it is not spotting up the table or what not. They are from my great grandmother and actually match our drinking glasses also from her. I think they were originally intended for individual butter dishes or dip or really who knows but they hold used tea bags great and are easy to clean!

whiskey glass spoon holder

To further the practicality of the area I gathered all of our little spoons and french press stirrers in a cocktail glass also from my great grandmother. I was happy since the gold matched the sugar bowl and we barely ever drink cocktails so it can be solely dedicated to spoon holding, well and at the moment one packet of cappuccino mix.

easy mug access

Lastly we have all of our day to day coffee mugs in the cupboard right above so the only thing you have to do is walk to the sink to fill up the kettle and then you are in warm beverage making heaven!

Like I said to put it all together we spent less than 50 kr / $8 since everything else like the kettle and french press we already had but even if we had to buy those too it still would have been a fairly cheap project.

The only thing I would like to add is a tray to put all of the various items on to have a more complete look but have not found one yet to my liking.

Do you have any special corners of your house customized to your likes?


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