Moments and Strangers

Each day we encounter strangers whether it be in person, online, over the phone and for the most part all of those people remain strangers.

However there are those rare circumstances when a strangers becomes a friend, a lover, an acquaintance, or a life long partner.

And those are the moments that really fascinate me, that time when you think this person has more to offer me and I need to see what it is.

Every marriage has had the same key points; the first I love you, the proposal, the wedding ceremony which are lovely but the moment when you thought wow I not only want but need this person are so unique and wonderful.


In September of 2008 I was living in London in a hostel that catered to a group of long term renters. We had our own set of rooms and formed a motley family group. When one of us left a big party often ensued.

One night I showed up to one such party and saw a guy in black jeans talking to my roommates and had this urge to get closer to him and talk to him. When I got closer though I realized he was talking in Swedish, not surprising as the party was for a Swede, and I was momentarily taken back. A few minutes later though I heard him talking to another friend in great English and once again I was determined to meet him.

I kept getting thwarted though and when we started walking home I thought my chance had come I would keep pace with him and one way or another we would get to talking.  The party boy had other ideas though and decided I should be his personal escort/crutches to make it back,  seeing how drunk he was I thought that would be better than him veer into the street so I did my duty.

Once back home everyone was making their way up stairs and turned to this stranger and said “I have beer in my room can you help me get it”. Now the beer in question was not mine but I had to say something to get his attention and it came out faster than I could think.

He agreed and we got into the lift and looked at each other and there was an intense moment of silence and then I asked how long he was in London. He replied two weeks and I said perfect.

From that moment in the elevator we spent each second he was in London together we could.

The night before he was to return home we agreed to be mutual to each other and starting making our plans.

That was over five years ago now and as much as some people would nay say in that moment in the elevator we both knew that this was something big and wonderful and would forever change our lives.

In that moment he was no longer a stranger but a person I had to have in my life.



12 thoughts on “Moments and Strangers

  1. I love this! I often think about the first moment I saw Andreas, and I love hearing others’ stories! I was with a group of friends, picking him up at the airport–I saw him coming down the elevator, and that instant is forever embedded in my brain. It’s so funny to think that one moment changed my life so incredibly much. And the same for you!

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