What is a Birth-a-versary?

Back when we were planning for our wedding I know we had some set reasons why January was going to be perfect but I cannot remember what was going through 2009/2010 Bailie’s mind! What I do know though that having a wedding anniversary a week before my husbands birthday has come with some challenges.


His birthday in 2011 was fine as we were on our honeymoon and so honeymoon + birthday + Las Vegas led to a very fun and drunk night. I have some really hilarious and not internet ok pictures of drunk Mr. H to remember it by!

Then on our first anniversary in 2012 we went to Brussels to celebrate and it was also great overlap as we basically just walked around looking at beautiful things, drank beer, and ate yummy food. Great for a birthday, anniversary, or really any day of the year!


However in 2013 there was no way we could get away with Mr. H’s school schedule and we could not really afford to go big for two nights a week apart and while we had a fun day for each they were both just a bit meh as well.

So this year we came up with birth-a-versary which we are going to do it up real big one night and have it cover both days rather than two semi good days! It works really well this year as there is a weekend right in between the days and Mr. H will be done with his paper and test by that weekend.

Our plan is to go out for nice dinner in town, like you need reservations nice and get all dressed up, and then have a drink after and we are going to each pick out some stuff we want online (probably from amazon.co.uk) and that will cover the present aspect.

I am super duper excited about this and now just have to be patient and mentally plan my outfit a million times (I am not the only one that does this right).

Now blogwise (which Emma said was a real word) I am thinking of doing some posts related to our engagement, wedding, and what not. If there is anything you are curious or wondering about regarding our relationship/marriage let me know and I will be sure to include a post on it as well as any specific questions for Mr. H as he said he would do a Q & A post for me!


15 thoughts on “What is a Birth-a-versary?

  1. Happy early anniversary and birthday to Mr.H! Yeah, we kinda are meh this year for our birthdays which sandwich the holidays (his is early december and mine is early january) and while it sucks, that just means we gotta do it up next year right? haha

  2. I think that’s a great idea for how to spend the birth-aversary! We always forgot to get presents for each other, so we started a tradition of going to a store and we each have $20 and 20 minutes to go buy things for each other.

    As for questions: were there any Swedish traditions that were part of your wedding?

  3. Awesome! I love that! We never do much for birthdays or anniversaries, but we just had the idea to buy two-player board games for our anniversaries from now on! We both love games, but didn’t really have a collection, so now we’re starting one, and it’s great!

  4. I second the question about any Swedish traditions! (And I’d also love to see these honeymoon-birthday posts, but I understand why they’ve stayed off the internet :) ) xx

  5. What a great idea to combine those two! I wish you a very happy early birth-a-versary!
    And yes, one of the most fun parts about going out is planning the outfit, I do that too :)

  6. What a great idea! I missed out on our first and second year anniversary because we were in different countries. I might borrow this idea and go all out to make our third year anniversary a big tri-fecta celebration.
    Happy Birthaversary to Mr.H and you!

  7. What a fun thing to look forward to! I miss dressing up to go out for dinner (even if it was a McD’s drivethrough, nobody could see what we were wearing) and planning outfits!
    Can’t wait to hear about your wedding, the photo from it that you posted is so pretty!

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