Take Me to the Port

me and the port


On my Christmas list I had a bottle of liqueur and was thinking of something like Bailey’s but Mr. H totally surprised me and bought me a bottle of Port wine.

He knew that in all the old detective books I love to read they drink it and so he thought I would find it fun. He went with a small bottle since he was not sure if I would actually like to drink it though.

port and glass

It turns out though that Port is o so yummy! The first night I tried it I used this glass but did not fill it up all the way and man o man was I feeling a bit tipsy. I have now switched to 4cl Jagermeister glass we happened to have which is much better in style and size!

It looks like this but we just have two not a ton like this picture:


What about you do you care for a Port in the evening?

6 thoughts on “Take Me to the Port

  1. Mr Tide and I love a good port. Sometimes we’ll manage half a bottle (or more) in the evening. Too yummy and luxurious. Great with some cheese and grapes too. Feels super indulgent.

  2. Mr. H is so thoughtful. I’ve never tried port, but this holiday I got my trust old Bailey’s and bought a bottle of Arran Gold (a nice malt whiskey liqueur) which was great and I would highly recommend it.

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