In 2014 We Will…

In the past Mr. H and I have not been much on doing resolutions but with all that has gone on this past year we wanted to commemorate the start of 2014 with some fresh ideas. So we talked and decided to come up with some key words for 2014 so we have a bit of flexibility but a general direction we want to head in.

Once we came up with them I took out some of my trusty packing paper and did up a poster.

2014 goals

So in 2014 we are going to: have balance, learn to relax, and be happy. In between the prompt and key word I left big blanks so when we do something that adds to us experiencing one of the key words we can write it down and throughout the year look back and see what techniques and things have helped us with our goals.

goals and desk 2014

We taped it up next to the study area in our kitchen so we will both see it and be inspired throughout the day.

What are you key words for 2014?

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29 thoughts on “In 2014 We Will…

  1. I love this idea. I think I have one key word every year – stability – which I have to find new ways to realise.

    Happy New Year, you guys. Hope Mr H is feeling much better.

  2. I Love this Bailie!! There’s also an internet (and no doubt Pinterest sensation) of having a mason jar, and everyday adding a folded note with something that made you happy/grateful/laugh that day, to open at the end of the year or whenever you need something to help you smile. Your wall chart reminded me of this, so I thought you may like to do it to help with resolution number 3 as well! .
    I’m certainly off to buy a jar :D

  3. That’s such a cool idea to leave the big blanks… I find so often I enjoy something but then forget about it, but writing it next to the word would be so helpful :)

  4. I love your words, and even more that your piece will be interactive through the year! such a great idea :) my words are “challenge accepted” though I condensed it down into “hustle” for my art project.

  5. I love the idea of leaving space in between your words to write down the memories associated! Hopefully it will all be filled up by the time 2015 rolls around.

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