Not About Christmas

I totally 100% love Christmas, the season, the songs, the food, the gifts etc but I am kinda over blogging about it. For that matter I am kinda over reading about it too.

I feel like I have gone into online Christmas saturation overload but I also feel like right now I should be blogging about all things Christmas and have caught myself in a catch-22.

oatmeal cookies

Also all these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are gone so I had to have tea with no cookie which we can all agree is really sad right.

f in snow on fall day

Ok and the thing that has really put a big amount of suck into this week is last Saturday it was snowing and I had wanted to get a nice picture with the trees lit up that are around our neighborhood and we needed to go to the store anyways so out we went. Unfortunately though the snow was over ice and it was still a bit warm for snow so it was very slippery. We got three pictures and then I fell really hard. I hit my back and hips as my feet just went out from under me and then my head hit too. It really freaked me out and Mr. H as he saw me fall. He got me back home and on the couch and decided he would go get me some pain pills since my head was hurting and then he fell when he was out.

Overall it just really sucked and now this week the ground has just been icy to the max with gross patchy snow.

But next week is Christmas so yeah for that!

9 thoughts on “Not About Christmas

  1. Feel better soon. I have snow on the ground where I live, but not as much that is usually normal for this time of year. Instead it has been brutally cold – hovering around -27 F earlier this week.

  2. Ouch! I hope you are feeling okay now. I’ve been there before as well and it hurts physically (and one’s pride!). A couple of years back I invested in a pair of Ice Bug boots (just do a search for them – they have info in English as well) and they have been the best winter boots I’ve ever had. I have a dog who likes to walk miles and miles no matter the weather, so I need good grip as I’m out with her several times a day. I didn’t grow up with snow or ice, so I’ve not really learned how to walk on it properly. And I’m too old and ugly to learn now! :-)

    They aren’t cheap, but if you wait until the end of the season you can get them for under half price (I grabbed m ine online from Naturkompaniet’s clearance sale)

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