Sunday Currently – Slipping and Sliding

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 Sunday Currently

Reading: Unnatural Death by Dorothy L Sayers, it is the third in the Lord Peter Wimsey series. I am really like this series and am finding the books a bit of a challenge as what Sayers had thought of her readers common knowledge in the 1920’s is not quite in line with mine in 2013.

Listening: Mr. H and I love Spotify as you can make so many playlists and this week he has made some great ones featuring the best of songs from each year in the 70’s. They have been great to listen to while we are housebound with horrible weather.

Thinking: How amazing cookies are, not but seriously this week Mr. H and I made some oatmeal chocolate cookies this week and every time I open the pyrex we have them in it just smells like home.

Smelling: Garnier Hair Oil, our drains are acting up something fierce so as a way to keep my showers short I have been skipping conditioning my hair and using some hair oil I picked up in California.

Wishing: The weather would stop being so inconsistent, it has been a cycle of snow, melt, freeze and back again making it miserable out.

Hoping: That the physical therapist Mr. H sees tomorrow is better than the last two he has seen and is able to actually do something for his shoulder.

Wearing: Fleece lined leggings which are the best most amazing wonderful things ever if you live somewhere cold with a hoodie socks.

Loving: That Mr. H wrapped two of my Christmas presents last night and now I can stare at them and imagine what they are.

Wanting: Mashed Potatoes, mmmm they sound so good but are some of my least favorite foods to make so they will be for another day.

Needing: As of right now I am going to say nothing which I normally am not so gushy but I am just so happy right now!

Feeling: Achy, I have a whole story about I fell yesterday in the snow but suffice it to say it has made me very achy today.

I have loved doing this each week and going over what is happening and would love to hear what you have been up to!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Currently – Slipping and Sliding

  1. Ok, you & Mr. H are the cutest. THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST.

    I freaking love my fleece lined stockings & socks. They are so lovely to put on knowing how cold it will be outside (& it’s not even that cold out here compared to where you are!)

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