Soda and Ice Cream is the Best

root beer float


One night when we lived in California Mr. H and I were watching my brothers while my parents went on a date and since I always want my brothers to think I am the best most awesome sister in the world I thought we would have pizza and a super awesome dessert.

After much discussing we all decided that root beer floats are super awesome and fun to make and parents never really want to do them so if we did I would be the best most awesome sister ever. All the while the three of us were going on and on about how yummy root beer floats are it was making Mr. H excited too as he never had one and getting introduced to a new dessert is always aces.

Finally we had dinner, went to the store for supplies, concocted our floats and dug in….and Mr. H hated it!

Obviously he is crazy though as root beer floats are the best but it is fine because that means I do not have to share!

He always remembers how much I like them though so last month he surprised me with the supplies and with our new (and super cheap) mugs from IKEA I was able to do a mega float!

me with root beer float

So what about you thumbs up or down on floats?


8 thoughts on “Soda and Ice Cream is the Best

  1. LOVE! I had my first ever coke float in Disneyland this September during the crazy heatwave as a post race treat–it was DIVINE! Also, since I know you are a beer drinker, you should try Guinness Floats. They are a real treat! :)

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