Upcycling at Christmastime

I am the sort of person that is always storing up odd and ends and swearing I am going to use them later for some purpose and then when I am do am immensely chuffed with myself and Mr. H gets to hear about it for at least a week!

O also I am really cheap so that is another reason that upcycling things like packing paper that I did not pay for makes me so very very happy.

So this year I gave myself the mission of wrapping all of Mr. H’s Christmas presents with things I already had rather than buying wrapping paper.

F presents

From the front left I used:

Gift bag I cut open

Amazon packing paper, rubber stamps from college, and ribbon I bought two summer ago

Gold tissue paper I bought sometime before our move in 2011, red ribbon that was the gift bag handle

Brown packing paper also from an Amazon order, same old ribbon

Red tissue paper I found in the gift bag, the candy can I glued on which was an old gift tag

dj fan man

Another thing that I like to do is make the gift giving a bit more fun and silly is instead of putting just putting Mr. H’s name on the presents I like to put some of his nicknames. This one DJ Fan Man is really dorky and has a very long backstory I will not bore you with but it will make Mr. H laugh which is what I was going for!

I also like to deter him from figuring out what is what so I will do things like put a small present in a big box or like that package in gold is a book which I wrapped in big bubble wrap that was from a glass my grandparents sent so all wrapped up it looks more like a shirt than a book!

What do you think would you reuse materials to wrap presents?


18 thoughts on “Upcycling at Christmastime

  1. I think the presents you’ve wrapped look great! We have princess wrapping paper left over from Sam’s niece’s birthday last year, so I’ve wrapped presents in that. Hope everyone likes being a princess! x

  2. I’m terrible at throwing things away, but equally terrible about upcycling them. I’m going to try harder next year when we finally have a house. I want to try and get creative with decorating! I love this, and I certainly don’t think it’s cheap – it’s environmentally friendly, but also really respectful of the value of things that still have a use. I read somewhere recently that packaging isn’t a waste if you can do something with it.

  3. I’m the same – the mounds of paper left over at christmas really are criminal (against recycling of course). I saw plantable wrapping paper the other day – it’s layers of biodegradable tissue to make a strong paper with seeds embedded so you can pop it in the ground, fab idea isn’t it!

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