Sunday/Monday Currently – Test Week

december snow day

Sunday Currently

Reading: Whose Body by Dorothy L Sayers, I read a compilation of her short stories earlier this year and was happy that our library had quite a few of her books in English so I am starting at the beginning of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries.

Writing: Shopping List, we always do our big shop on Mondays for all of our dinners for the week.

Listening: To Mumford and Sons, when I went into the kitchen this morning the CD was already by the player so I just went with it.

Thinking: How lucky I am to be cozy at home right now.

Smelling: My hair, my shampoo ran out so I have been using Mr. H’s boy scented kind and I actually kinda like it!

Wishing: That Mr. H passes his two tests he has this week, one is a practical exam on doing an IV and then one is a combo of written and oral on ummmm something hahaha!

Hoping: That the weather stays cool so the roads do not get icy.

Wearing: Jeans, a tank top, knee high socks, and a sweater. The base clothes for winter as when I go down to the store I will add on a scarf, boots, jacket, hat, and mittens.

Loving: How close it is to Christmas, we have so much fun stuff planned we just have to get pass all the tests this week.

Wanting: To go sledding but we have no sled…

Needing: To finish up getting Mr. H’s stocking stuffers and wrapping his presents.

Feeling: Anxious, I always feel like I am taking a test too when Mr. H does and I hate how long we have to wait to find out the results.

Clicking: Through the grocery store ad and being happy that so much chocolate is on sale this week!


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