A Seat by the Window

window Christmas


In early November we moved the furniture around and put our table where the couch used to be and made my new favorite place is our house.

I love sitting next to the window when we eat, or blogging like I am right now, and being able to look out at the scenery. Much to the chagrin of Mr. H I keep making jokes about how lucky we were to get such a good window seat because it really makes me feel like I am in a restaurant or hotel. I also love it that since we are on the second floor people can not see me as easily as I can see them!

We now have the window decorated for Christmas which is making it extra cozy and with our sunsets falling somewhere around 2:30 I can have the Christmas lights on all day!

christmas window 2

This is the other window in the living room, I took this picture last night and now the snow is piled up so high on the windowsill you could not see the light from outside!


7 thoughts on “A Seat by the Window

  1. First of all, I love the snow on the blog – awesome!

    Secondly, I am totally with you on how great sitting by the window is. It must be so amazing to sit and watch the sunset while you tap away on the blog. I also really love sitting with twinkly lights on when it’s dark outside. Something magical about being outside and spying a warm looking living room from the street (so long as you don’t stop and stare for too long!)

    • Maybe in Spring I will see the sunset but for now the sun does not get high enough in they sky.
      I am with you though on the window watching, I just love seeing how people have their things set up!

  2. I’m loving your snowy window. We still don’t really have any furniture in the new place but hopefully I’ll join you in enjoying this too any day now xx

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