Start of the Holiday Season Party

On Saturday Mr. H and I did our own little Thanksgiving which we affectionately dubbed our Start of the Holiday Season Party!


We started with appetizers which I was so happy about as I am always moaning about how I never have an occasion for dip! I made spinach dip and a meaty queso style dip which we had alongside salsa, elk and moose smoked sausages and tortilla chips.

It was quite a bit for two people but we managed to eat all the queso and sausages!

f with napa smithSince we are equal opportunity drinkers we had beers with appetizers…

me with wineand wine with dinner!

Thanksgiving plate

We were very lucky my grandparents sent us a Thanksgiving care package that had the makings for green bean casserole, turkey gravy, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce and a few bonus items.

After having all the appetizers though we decided to save the stuffing for another day, or more accurately I convinced a slightly tipsy Mr. H that was the plan but I really want to eat it all one day all alone as stuffing is just the best thing ever! We also saved the cranberry sauce to use over Christmas as we had an open jar of lingonberry in the fridge which is almost the same.

So that is how our Thanksgiving meal ended up being grilled chicken breast, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green bean casserole.

It was really yummy and we ended up with just a teeny bit of green beans as a leftover!

After dinner we opened up the second bottle of wine and watched the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special to get us in the mood for Christmas!

After all my homesickness having a fun indulgent day really helped clear it away and now I am ready for some more fun nights in preparation for our holiday week celebration. That is one of the perks of having a husband in school is that he has the whole week between Christmas and New Years free to party!

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