The Best for Me

thanksgiving care packageMost people say they have the best husband right. Well at least they should be able to say that but do you ever wonder when you see all those things on Facebook if they just feel the need to say it or if they actually mean it?

What I always think when I see those things is, “no you have the best husband for you and I have the best husband for me”.

I mean if your think your husband making you a fruit smoothie in the morning makes him the best I have to say to me it would make him the worst because I cannot stand fruit, all blended up or otherwise.

With that in mind yesterday Mr. H surprised me with a wonderful array of things from the grocery store. He knew I was feeling down so on his way home he stopped at the market and in his own words tried to find all the actual American things he could to buy me!

I ended up with a Budweiser, a can of root beer, Oreo’s, iced coffee mix, batteries (ok those are universal and I just needed some for the camera), vanilla ice cream to make a root beer float if I wanted, and an Advent calendar (which also is not just a US thing but we always get them and they were on special).

We had the beers, he got one for himself too, with dinner and ate a few Oreos which were yummy and I went to bed thinking that I really truly must have the best husband!


9 thoughts on “The Best for Me

  1. That is so sweet of your husband. I once had a boyfriend bring me lunch from a corner store that was almost three hours from where I was living at the time, but he passed it a couple of times a week for work, I thought that it was the greatest that he knew my love for their roast beef sandwiches and coleslaw. You are also right about how someone’s perfect husband is right for them, but not necessarily you.

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