Make Me Up

When I was working full time and or going to school I always did some sort of make up routine before heading out of the house. I kept that up for awhile when we moved to Sweden but then with the price of decent make up in Sweden and the fact that 9 out of 10 days only my husband seeing me the makeup days got fewer and fewer.

This morning I realized it had been at least two weeks since I put on any makeup. Since it is Friday and we have a fun day of beer tasting, homemade pizza making, and mad lib playing planned I thought I would make myself up.

With that in mind I thought I would do a little experiment with myself and take a before and after picture.

make up before and after

While I think I look fine without any makeup, ok perhaps smiling would have helped a bit, it is hard to not like the made up picture better.

It was funny to because I did two before poses and was satisfied but when I came back to do the makeup ones I had this new impulse to pose more and ended up with way more shots.

make up collage

Now I am not saying we need makeup to be pretty but it was a good reminder to myself that I have a bin full of the stuff and on these grey winter days a bit of mascara and a dash of lipstick might be an easy cure to beat away the blues.


4 thoughts on “Make Me Up

  1. Oh man, I honestly can’t remember the last time I put on makeup. My husband “says” he likes me better without it, but I like ME better with a little bit. I think I may put some on for Thanksgiving :)

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