Calendars are for Others

never happened

Late last month I decided I was going to get on board with this whole blogging editorial calendar thing. I got out my planner and wrote in the posts I was planning on certain days and was thoroughly pleased with myself on how fun that was and how great my blog was going to be.

Umm yeah you have not read any of those posts. Turns out I like to plan things but not really do them. I was sitting down to write and looking at the calendar and seeing Post on Commenting Theory written down and then going blank or disinterested. I am pretty sure this was one of the reasons I did not have the best grades in school as in the moment I am great but you tell me in two weeks I am going to talk about migration shift and the day comes I will be over migration shift and want to talk about the influence of TV on high school aged kids (or people man am I so old that high schoolers are kids now?!).

I was getting down on myself though that I had all these great topics and ideas to explore and was not able to translate them onto the screen. So after thinking about it I figured I was better off just doing what I have been doing for almost three years and writing about what it speaking to me that day, and if that means one day I write up three posts and schedule them out woohoo and if I do not write for a week woohoo.

This new old plan of writing what is speaking to me in the moment starts today with this post as it has been on my mind.

What is your blog planning style?

(funny thing also it says cancel X box live on there too and that never happened either!)

(extra p.s. after I hit publish I realized this was my 555th post, that is a whole lot of rambling!)


19 thoughts on “Calendars are for Others

  1. I often have several posts on the boil. I try to write three times a week so tend to post the most appropriate (read: finished) post on the day when I meant to post. I can never write to schedule though.

  2. Haha. I feel you. I suck at planning – I’m the type who makes to-do lists, loses them, then finds them months later and realizes she didn’t do any of that crap. I tend to just start a new post whenever I have an idea. At any given time I have about 40 drafts to choose from. I just kind of add to them when I feel like it, choose one to finish up and publish whenever. If there’s a scheduled thing, I try to make a draft for it right away with the date so I have a placeholder, but that’s it!

  3. I’m the same as you… I blog on the spur of the moment. Sometimes I re-read and feel that if I took more time and planning my English/grammar would be better, but who cares? lol If I was blogging to make a living or whatever, I’d make a bigger effort, but I blog as a hobby. I try to make it a de-stress experience. For now anyway.

  4. I hear ya! I’m totally the same. The fun part about blogging is writing about what’s on your mind, and not having to write an essay just because someone (myself?) told me to.
    Congrats on your 555th post! That’s crazy awesome.

  5. I go through random bouts of being really organised, then really un-organised, then I change my mind about things, then I hit a dead end … sounds like we are all the same! :-)

  6. I have a calendar of scheduled posts. It… normally works. I definitely don’t always stick with it, but it’s a nice idea. Congrats on the big 555!

  7. Congrats on the big 555…that’s awesome!

    I *attempt* to post about 2-3 times a week…but then sometimes with traveling & nothing going on etc… I don’t end up blogging quite as much. I do have some “regular” posts each month… doing “wordless wednesdays”, a monthly update from my “FMS Photo a Day”, just added the “ex-pat to ex-pat” each month!

    But between then I just fill in with randomness as it happens. It seems to be working going kind of spur of the moment…but usually I sit down at least once a week to figure out what’s going to be happening on the blog that week! (I often write late a night…but schedule it to be posted early in the morning!)

  8. Congrats on the 555th post! I do plan my posts but I don’t schedule them advance. Usually I write my posts up daily which is great because if I’m not feeling a topic I had planned, I can easily switch it up. Each blogger is different!

  9. Oh man, same deal here. Instead of making a calendar, I write down interesting topics when I think of them in Evernote (from mobile, usually) so I won’t forget later. But, if I made a schedule, I’d probably feel the need to rebel against myself and so it would never happen. So, some weeks I write a lot, some weeks I don’t. I try to just do what I enjoy most, and let it go from there.

  10. I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to use a blogging calendar. Sounds like a set up for disappointment! I’m like you, just blog when I feel like it and as you clearly know, that’s one every three months :P

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am the same as you, I can not write to schedule. Basically I just write when I have time and when I have been somewhere interesting to talk about. Also congrats on you 555th post!

  12. I don’t plan what to post, I post about what I’m up to or what inspires me at the moment. And I like to read blogs like that too. I think strictly scheduled blogs seem boring and impersonal.

    Your blog description interested me :). But are you still in Sweden?

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