Sunday/Monday Currently – Back to the Routine


I really enjoyed doing this last week and wanted to do it again even though this past week was anything but exciting!

 Sunday Currently link up.

Reading: The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, with the fever I had last week I had no desire to read but plan on finishing this up this week.

Writing: A postcard for the #PostcardBrigade.

Listening: To Over the Rhine, they are an amazing married couple. Wait I do not know if they are amazing at being a married couple but they are married and amazing at making music to listen to on grey Monday mornings.

Thinking: How I need to make myself something to eat but all the good lunch meat is gone so I am sad.

Smelling: Bonne Bell Cotton Candy chapstick. When I was home this summer I bought a huge variety pack of them and love slowly opening up new ones!

Wishing: The grocery shopping would do itself, I usually do not mind grocery shopping but it looks icy outside.

Hoping: That the mailman has a package slip for us.

Wearing: Leggings and a tank top, which is pretty much my base garments from now till April.

Loving: Mr. H and his baking skills were active once again this weekend and we have yummy oat cookies and chocolate muffins to enjoy this week.

Wanting: To go through the Christmas decorations but they are locked up in the basement and I am not going down there alone.

Needing: A new comforter, we finally admitted that the down comforter was making us both have horrible allergies. The bed is looking a bit naked without it though.

Feeling: Hungry, I seriously need to get something to eat!

Clicking: Through the new grocery store ad, when we lived down south we would get them on Sundays but up here they usually do not arrive till late in the day on Monday and I want to know the deals NOW!

So what have you been up to?


12 thoughts on “Sunday/Monday Currently – Back to the Routine

  1. So glad to have been able to stop by and visit your blog! I’m now listening to Over The Rhine and I think I’ve fallen in love. They’re so amazing! I’m sorry to hear about your down comforter making you sick. :( Ugh we just bought new pillows because it was overdue and it made the world of a difference. Hope you can get some fun new bedding soon!

  2. Ah, the “what should I make myself for lunch” debate! I know that one well. Working from home, and with the days getting shorter, my latest post-lunch has been “I really want to shower before the sun goes down… but will I?!” Today was falukorv + snabb mac and shower success. Perhaps I should go get something Christmasy to decorate with tomorrow… We didn’t bring anything like that from the US and it’d feel weird to have absolutely nothing. Good luck with the groceries!

  3. I can totally relate to your allergy to down. I never suspected I was allergic to it until last year when I replaced my down comforter with one that was filled with a product called quallofil by LL Bean. I bought that one because it was on sale and the down one I had was almost five years old and had seen better days. I had barely used the quallofil comforter for a week and I noticed a marked improvement in my breathing and honestly this new comforter is just as warm as down and surprisingly has the same loft to it.

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