Thoughts From My Sick Week

me as santa

So what do you think do I make a good Santa?

I saw this was now on PicMonkey and as I just happened to be wearing a red flannel shirt today I had to see how it looked!

This whole week I have been in this spot on the couch, I have had the hardest time getting 100% over this bout of asthma sickness business that I have been battling. So the plan has been to have me just sit and rest and hopefully it will fully just go away. I have had countless cup of tea, mugs of coffee, glasses of water and the infamous Reither juicy drinks.

Mr. H even suggested getting some whisky to spike my tea with but being in the throes of a fever it sounded way too gross.

Keeping me company on the couch has been episode after episode of X-Files.


I used to watch it every week when I was a kid with my best friend who lived across the street while our moms drank wine and gossiped. It has been fun going back and watching it and I will admit I got spooked while in the middle of an episode the light behind me started flickering!

I have also watched quite a few movies some being great and others well not so much but that is the great thing about Netflix you can always find something new.

Each day though there has been an improvement and so hopefully next week I will be back to my old self and we can finally go to the mall and get some new Christmas decorations!

O and I just remembered I wanted to show you my finished November embroidery project!

november embroidery


8 thoughts on “Thoughts From My Sick Week

  1. Ah feeling sick sucks :( what a smart man you have to offer you booze to make you feel better! hehe!

    Funny you mention X-files because I was *just* reminiscing about this show last weekend with a cousin. We compared it to how freaked out we get now when our kids wake up in the middle of the night sleepwalking haha. It freaks us out (because of that show).

    Feel better! And take a shot of that whisky, you’ll feel better.

  2. You poor thing, I can’t believe you’re still sick. So unfair!!

    I have great X Files memories. A friend of my Mum’s used to stay with us once a week when the show was on in the UK (she was doing a course I think) and so we used to curl up and watch it together. I’m nearly 31 now, must have been about 14 then, and we still bond over it.

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