A Good Wife

Today Betsy is asking readers to link up with their answer to “What does being a “good wife” mean to you?” and this is my answer:

Mr. H and I have not had the most conventional relationship. On November 2nd we will have been living together for five years and in that time we have lived in 2 countries, 4 cities, 6 dwellings. He has worked, I have worked, he has gone to school, I have been an expat, he has been an expat and through all that change we have been in love.

Always, always there has been love.

There has been happy over the moon amazing love.

There has been love shining weakly through anger.

There has been love supporting us through sadness.

There has been normal everyday happy love.

But once again always always love.

Love to be going to bed together at night.

Love to be waking up next to each other in the morning.

Love to be together when we were moving yet again.

Love to be together no matter what.

And that is what I think makes me a good wife, a good partner and what makes my marriage amazing. Relationships need the participants to be patient, to compromise, to understand that life is just not about them anymore and I can do all of those things and many more because I really, truly, deeply love my husband and him me. I want to do those hard things like share my last bite of steak just to see the happiness of his face and move to a remote city in Sweden to see him pursue his dreams because of our love and work out all the other details of life together because we will always have eachother.



9 thoughts on “A Good Wife

  1. this is beautiful! as long as you are giving your relationship love, how can you be bad at it?

    also, this: “There has been love shining weakly through anger.” Sometimes in our fights Jon and I shout “I REALLY LOVE YOU BUT I AM SO ANGRY AT YOU RIGHT NOW!” haha

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