Eating with Adventure

I have always thought of myself as an adventurous eater, I ate things none of my friends did that is for sure.

 Before sushi was a thing among the people of Orange County my dad was bringing home fresh caught fish and filleting up for us to eat raw. He was also always hunting and bringing home rabbits, and deer, and quail.

After meeting Mr. H though I learned I was only accustomed to eating food different from my peers as Mr. H is a real adventurous eater.

When he first came to America he just dug in without asking questions. His first meal was spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad served family style. When I handed him the bottle of ranch dressing and he had no idea what it was he just went along and put it on his spaghetti and moved right along. When we were alone later that night I told him in the future it was for salad and said well it was a bit weird but fine!

horse lunch meat

That is how we come into having things like this in our fridge, horse meat lunchmeat.

He saw it on clearance and could not pass it up.

horsemeat smorgas

This is how brave I was after Mr. H ate a whole one. After working up my courage to take the bite I was slightly bummed it did not taste like much!


I then decided I would just stick to my liverwurst with pickles, which we then laughed about because once again it is a food that is normal to me but I am sure odd to quite a few people!

So what are you adventurous, picky or just plain old normal in the food department?

14 thoughts on “Eating with Adventure

  1. I’m not picky but I’m not super adventurous either! I don’t think I could eat horsemeat though. Escargot might be the “strangest” thing I have eaten.

  2. I am SUCH a picky eater, though politeness has made me step out. I didn’t eat tomatoes until, on my first meeting Malcolm’s mom, she dished up salad FULL of tomatoes… wanting to impress, I ate them, and eat them ever since. I just need that push ;)

  3. Since meeting my husband and getting married, I’ve become much more of an adventurous eater. They have “cavallo” (horse meat) in Italy and the Americans freaked out over it. I tried it and it was just okay…i liked other meats more.

  4. I’ve previously thought I would never try horse meat, but seeing just now that you got that whole pack for 10kr, I might just have to. That’s a damn steal. I get soon-to-expire hamburger meat 60kr for .5kg and that’s my “steal.” Overall though, I’d say I’m generally adventurous. I’ve always really disliked mega-spicy stuff (unless I can load it up with blue cheese, like buffalo wings) but after watching a gazillion seasons of Anthony Bourdain eating this and that, I give myself no excuses not to at least try something that the locals all eat. Our daily meals in Stockholm are ever-evolving and more Swedish by the day. A lot of Felix products — köttbullar and my favorite, pyttipanna. Mashed potatoes too, of course. And some giant tub of lingonberry jam that my husband brought home one day which now occupies an entire half a shelf in our fridge. One thing I love the taste of but can’t bring myself to eat much of is the blodpudding. I cook it weekly for the kids I watch, and usually have a bite, but something about it just makes me stop. But man, it both tastes and smells delicious.

  5. I like both liver paté and that kind of horse meat a lot! I’m swedish, though, so I’ve eaten them my entire life. But I always eat horse meat with soft cheese with horseradish flavor. They go really well togheter (and not just according to me, it’s a common mix of flavors)! For example Bonjour pepparrot, a little of that on a sandwich and a slice of horse meat, perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon snack! Goes really well in som rolled up tunnbröd as well. We often had this when we brought sandwiches to some outdoor activity when I was a child.

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