Off of the Couch…Finally!

Well I have finally been released from couch arrest by my resident nurse but am still on house arrest. With Mr. H being in nursing school he takes me getting sick very seriously and I love it because he just gives me all the time and care I need to get better.

Now I just need to catch up on emails, blogging, blog reading, embroidering! Luckily for me Mr. H did the laundry and grocery shopping so I do not need to worry about those but I still feel behind in chores somehow and I guess just life in general.

While I am gathering my thoughts for some more meaty posts I thought I would share some pictures from our first snow day of the season. It is funny because I know that in April I am going to be so tired of snow but it is just so magical to see it fall!

Even though I was sick I bundled up and made Mr. H take some pictures of me on the balcony!

me with snowflakes

Ok so this is kinda a dorky picture but I have a thing about my hands, they normally look really small and kidish in pictures but they look like wonderful normal lady hands here and I love it!

f in the snow

I think this one looks like Mr. H was photoshopped in, but you can really see how hard the snow was coming down!

It has all gone by now but I am sure this will not be the last of snow pictures around here this year!

Now I am going to do some resting and lunch eating but hopefully tomorrow my brain will be back to normal blogging status!


14 thoughts on “Off of the Couch…Finally!

  1. Holy moly, you guys got a lot more snow than us! I felt a flake or two on the walk home, but that was all. I think we just had like an hour of icey stuff really late while everyone was sleeping. I am torn between looking forward to the snow here (I love winter and dislike rain) but also knowing I’ll be really darn tired of it in a few months from now.

  2. The first snows are magical, aren’t they? I know what you mean about hating it all come April though!

    Glad you’re feeling better, and that Mr H is taking such good care of you. My mum used to be a nurse, but is much less patient with sick folk.

  3. Glad you’re feeling better! The snow looks pretty – we just get a few flake that melt or turn into slush – I’m hoping we get something prettier like yours this year instead of all the rain.

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