Scene of a Sicky Day

I had big plans for blogging this week, I even wrote down the blog post ideas in my planner but life got in the way and by that I mean pesky asthma. Today I finally made it to the doctors and got officially diagnosed with asthma in Sweden and got two prescriptions so I should be feeling better soon!

sick attire

My sicky attire of fun socks, really old Cal State Fullerton sweats, and the comfiest gap sweater all a must for feeling better.

juicy drinks

A Reither family sick day staple, juicy drinks. My mom always used to make these with 7 -up and cranberry juice, now in Sweden I substitute the cranberry juice for blackcurrant saft which is almost better!


Snacks are necessary too, dark chocolate and pretzels!

comfy couch time

Mr. H made me a comfy spot on the couch with raspberry cough drops!


The final part of my sick day is a lame scary movie on Netflix!

I should be back and up to normal blogging and life on Monday!


10 thoughts on “Scene of a Sicky Day

  1. Feel better soon… hope you are back on your feet in no time! It’s awesome you have all these “little” bits of familiar to help you feeling better.

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