Sundsvall Nature Walk: Sidsjön

Last weekend Mr. H and I embarked on an unplanned adventure thanks to our postman. My grandparents had sent us a package which was inadvertently sent to the wrong store pick up (remind me some time to explain the Swedish post system). So we could either wait till Tuesday to pick up the package or get out walking and hunt it down ourselves on Saturday.

We chose the adventure route and were pleasantly surprised to find a beautiful lake!

side lake panorama

In Swedish it is called Sidsjön which translates to Side Lake, the lake has a trail going around it for exploring as well as various other things like docks for fishing and has a ski slope close as well.

side lake map

This map was posted where we walked in, you can see the little icon for the skiing on the right. We are not skiers but I would like to see it in winter with people doing their winter thing!


me on bench

As I was not feeling 100% due to some pesky asthma I was happy to find this bench to enjoy the view while Mr. H went exploring further with the camera.


He found a pond full of ducks, which I love because my dad loves ducks and he would have been so excited!

me in trees

He also honed in his creepster photography skills with this picture of me through the trees!

We were so happy to find this gorgeous lake a 20 minute walk from our apartment and will be going back again when the weather allows!

side lake sundsvall sweden

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