Never Have I Ever

Do you like blogs with a good sense of humor attached, if you do and you have not been reading The Lady Okie you are seriously missing out.

Today she is doing a fun link up called Never Have I Ever and I thought it would be fun to join!

Never Have I Ever:

Broken a Bone – My 14 yr old brother has already broken his arm twice but so far all my bones are intact!

Been Scuba Diving – Just thinking about it freaks me out, I like to breath freely normal air that is just swirling around us not through a weird mouth contraption out of a tanksay whatWatched Schindler’s List – Mr. H thinks this is just crazy but why would I want to watch something so sad and depressing?

Smoked a Cigarette – I have really bad asthma so I was always too nervous to smoke but was tempted when I was in Ireland all alone

Read a Whole Jane Austen Book – I once bought Northanger Abbey and started it but I never finished it and am not sure where it is now

Been in a Helicopter – My aunt offered to pay for Mr. H and I to do a Grand Canyon tour in one for our honeymoon but we both chickened out and got tickets to Cher instead with the moneyWhat do you think should I go ahead and do any of these things?


13 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever

  1. oooh girl. don’t start with Northanger Abbey! It’s not an easy one to get through even if you love Austen. try Emma! have you seen Clueless? It’s the modern version! (They made a period movie of Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow too that I absolutely love!)

  2. Sadly, I’ve never been scuba diving either. I actually started a certification class with my husband, but I never finished past the classroom and pool part. It just wasn’t for me. Now that we’re going to be living on the water, I kind of wished I had been able to just suck it up and finish! My husband did, of course.

    I love Jane Austen. Maybe you should start with something like Pride and Prejudice, that’s such a good one. I’ve never read Northanger Abbey myself.

  3. I’d skip on Schindler’s List too. For some reason I popped that movie in at my grandma’s house when I was about um … 13 and I got through about 10 minutes of it. It is HORRIBLY sad. However, i think it is good to remember what happened but I just can’t do it that way =) Other than that depressing news … your list is fun! THanks for sharing

  4. You are funny, how did you manage to be tempted to smoke cigarettes even if you never smoked them? How did that idea even occur to you? What was going on inside your head? Usually you have to smoke them for a while before starting to crave them. :)

    Also i would recommend doing anything on your list except smoking cigarettes or breaking bones. That is just unnecessary and causes more harm than good. I am a former smoker who have also broken a bone so i know what i am talking about. Cigarettes surely can be tasty sometimes but they do not help if you are feeling lonely. Breaking bones is just plain not fun in any way.

  5. Scuba diving is unsettling for me as well. I can be a pretty anxious person and the thought of being underwater so deep I need a breathing contraption to survive makes me begin to panic (which of course you can’t do underwater that deep because you need to control your breathing, not pop to the surface like a rocket, etc). I’ll just stick to good ole swimming and snorkeling.
    Also, I can completely relate to your feeling on Schindler’s list. I’ve never seen it and I don’t think I can bring myself to watch it. I don’t deny those horrors happened, but I am to sensitive imagery and sound. When I was an exchange student to Germany I really knew nothing about the horrors of WWII. My host family took me to visit Anne Frank’s house over in Amsterdam. My host mom bought me a copy of her diary (still one of my most treasured possessions) and when we got back home I read that book in one night. However, I then slept with the light on in my room for close to a month because I was scared (I was 15 at the time) and I was embarrassed when I told them why I was sleeping with the light on.

    • I have had moments like that too when reading books, when I read Phantom of the Opera I was 12 or 13 and it spooked me so much I was sure I heard things outside and made my dad go investigate and it turned out to be a tree!

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