A Brief Recap of Why and How I Am Where I Am

It has come to my attention that there are some new readers around here, hi welcome thanks for coming, that may not know how I came to be in Sweden with Mr. H. With this in mind I bring you A Brief Recap of Why and How I Am Where I Am:

hyde park

July 2008

I arrive in London on a 6 month work visa and move into a hostel.


September 2008

Mr. H arrives at said hostel to visit his friends who are also living there. We meet and then spend the rest of his trip spending as much time as possible together.


October 2008

Mr. H cames back to London and we make big plans for the future. It also happens his trip coincides with my grandparents visiting and they give him the thumbs up.


November 2008

I move to Sweden and we have tons of fun and make even more plans.


New Years Eve 2008

We fly from Sweden to the US.


April 2009

We head back to Sweden and Mr. H gets approved for a US student visa.


June 2009

We get engaged!


January 2011

We are married!


June 2011

(I seem to have an extreme lack of pictures from this time)

We move to Sweden, as I was granted Permanent Swedish Residency!


August 2012

We move to Sundsvall, Sweden so Mr. H can go to nursing school.

Well that brings us up to date with all the big things. Let me know if you have any specific questions and hope you liked this brief story of us!


11 thoughts on “A Brief Recap of Why and How I Am Where I Am

  1. Cute photo-history! It’s great that you have permanent residency status – was it “easy” to get? What’s the Swedish system like for foreign residents?

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