7 Photos/7 Quotes

On Saturday morning I was happy to find Emma at Adventures of a London Kiwi had a post with pictures and quotes reflecting how she saw the world with 7 other participants. I read each one and loved to see the pictures and quotes featured, then I was excited to see that Emma sent me a message saying that I should join in too! It made me so happy because I was actually thinking of sending her a message if she would mind if I did one in reference to her post!

Here is a link to her post with the other participants which I highly recommend you check out!

gopnik expat quote

tom perrotta book quote

david hockney quote




mc leaf


10 thoughts on “7 Photos/7 Quotes

  1. I love these quotes. I haven;t heard all of them before – it’s so nice to read something new.
    My favourite has to be ‘I’m happy, which often looks like crazy’ but I also love the quote with you jumping in the air ‘greedy for an exciting life’. Perfect!

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