Kanelbullans Dag

What what I know I barely ever use Swedish on here but yesterday was Kanelbullans Dag i.e. Cinnamon Bun Day and it what tasty day it was!


The Swedish cinnamon bun is very different than the American counterpart and I have to say I prefer the Swedish one. It has a denser dough and instead of a frosting on top they are simply adorned with pearl sugar they also have a hint of cardamom which it so good.

kanelbullar fika

For the day our grocery store had an employee bagging up freshly baked ones for 5kr/$0.77 a piece so we snatched up two and had them with cappuccinos for our fika.

Now I am sad because today we have no yummy bun for fika!


11 thoughts on “Kanelbullans Dag

  1. Girl, I had to get on a computer for this one. That cinnamon roll looks fabulous. I need one now.

    I think Ikea here puts frosting on them though. I want to try it like that. I love pastries that aren’t super sweet. The Mexican bakery is my favorite because they don’t use too much sugar. Anyway.

    Have you had skolebrod (school bread)? It’s a Norwegian thing that we first had at EPCOT, but my bff is Norwegian and her mom has a cookbook that has a recipe in it. I haven’t tried it though. Josh is obsessed and always asks for it, but I’m intimidated by bread. I’ve never made it. Not like real bread. I’ve made pumpkin loaf and stuff like that, but bread with yeast and stuff is scary.

    That is all.


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