Sundsvall Nature Walk

I often forget the big picture that I live in Sweden, I focus on day to day life of school, cooking, cleaning and often do not stop to take in and really appreciate where I currently live.

Well yesterday Mr. H showed up with batteries for the camera and being inspired by Sarah I went out and took some pictures of the wonderful place I call home.

sundsvall skyline

I love this one since you can see the old church and the cranes all at once, the church was the fourth one in that spot and was completed in 1894 two of the previous ones had burned down!

trees through the building

This is the sun shining through two of the apartment blocks with the forest in the back. I see this view every time we go grocery shopping and it was so nice to take a minute to really see it not just wish I was home already!

forest and bus stop

Now this is really my favorite view, I just love the rolling hills and all those pine trees. I have a more zoomed one but I decided to share this one since it includes the bus stop at the bottom and that is what I love so much about here the juxtaposition of nature and utility.

houses in the hill

In relation to the above picture this is panned to the right towards town. Whenever I see these houses nestled in the hills I wish we had a car so I could drive up there and see what it is like because I think it is so romantic and cozy looking living up there all nestled in the trees!

Hope you liked this peek into our part of Sundsvall and have a great weekend!


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