I Heard It Was Going To Rain!

I am seriously like an old person in that I love to talk and check the weather. Every morning I open the weather.com app on my iPad and will consult the temperature and than advise Mr. H on what to wear per the temperature. Yes, I know it is weird but I seriously love the weather.

The thing is though I am well versed in what 40 F is not what 8 C is.

IMG_8050 IMG_4185

The same week of weather for our town in two different temperature scales.

When I moved to Sweden I knew I was going to have to get used to the metric system which took some time but now after two years I can gauge 50 grams of butter and how much something will cost if it is 3.90 kr per hg. Or more accurately I know that hg stands for hectograms which there are ten of per kilogram, so I can calculate how much I need and the cost.

Trying to get used to Celsius though for outside temperature just is not happening for me, I can grasp it for cooking though for some odd reason. Part of it is that it is not something that is tactile, with measurements I can use all my senses to make 50 grams of butter make sense but the weather is just there in the atmosphere.

I do know that 0 in Celsius is not as bad as 0 in Fahrenheit and that I do not want to be somewhere where the temperature is above 40 C.

My goal this winter is to get better versed in using Celsius so that one day I can go “O it is 10 C out, I will put on a sweater and a scarf and be fine!”.

Which temperature scale do you use and does the other make sense to you?

14 thoughts on “I Heard It Was Going To Rain!

  1. I know what you mean! But mine is the opposite: I grew up with the metric system, and always will think in Celsius. But, just like you, I figured out Fahrenheit for my oven! Strange how our minds work, isn’t it?!

  2. I can understand what you are feeling. I grew up using farenheit, but I now work a lot in Canada so I am always converting the temperature into celsius when I go there. The biggest thing I struggle with is the mile per hour to kilometer per hour conversion. I repeatedly check the speedometer, especially in a rental car from Canada because I have found out the hard way that sometimes the kph is placed as the outer number on the speedometer and other times it is placed as the inner number.

  3. You are getting some AWESOME highs right now! Over here the temperatures are hovering around 0 C! I can understand though I don’t get the fahrenheit thing at all…but do know that -40 is the same F or C!

    I remember when I dated a guy from the States and drove his car while we were in Canada it was so weird looking at the speedometer…I kept telling him it was “upside-down” and the KMs were too small!

  4. I’m weirdly obsessed with the weather to. I have where we are in England, my hometown in America, and where my family lives all on my iphone. I have no idea why, I just like checking!

  5. Ah, this is one I struggle with daily as well! However, I don’t seem to have the problem below 15C or so. If it’s cold, then I can work with Celsius, but when it’s warmer, only Fahrenheit makes sense to me. I assume it’s because I’ve experienced a lot more time in cold Celsius temperatures than I have Fahrenheit. This past summer, I tried to switch back and forth, but was a bit lazy. Now that it’s colder out though, I’ve fully switched to Celsius and am hoping to stick with it. I’ll always remember what Fahrenheit temperatures feel like of course, I just need to force in the Celsius ones too!

  6. Oh gosh. I can NOT do the metric system! I haven’t even really tried. I just don’t get it. I mean… I know 350 F is 180 C in my oven, but that is about it. I always have my iPhone on Fahrenheit.

    I’m obsessed with knowing what the weather is. I look at my app multiple times per day. The weather can change so fast in Scotland and we can have all 4 seasons in one day so I just need to know what is going on.

    • It is funny that you also are just oven savvy, I do wonder if we lived in warmer climates that perhaps we would do better as burned food is bad so we know not to do that but getting a sunburn is rather hard here!

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