Shot Through The Heart by Robin Hood

When you move around and around and over like I have things tend to go missing or end up in your parents attic thousands of miles away. One box that I wish I could teleport to me is sitting up there among the black widows filled with holiday albums from my adolescent and teen years.

traveling Robin Hood and Bailie3

Honestly most of the time I do not think about this stuff as it just drives me crazy but the other day I so badly wanted to see pictures from my first trip to England in 2001. Luckily I have a wonderful aunt who scanned some for me and knowing me like she does sent me one in particular that I have always loved and shows my personality to a T.

Traveling Robin Hood and Bailie

We were in Nottingham and came across this Robin Hood statue, which I thought would be so fun to do all these silly poses with. My aunt and I probably spent about ten minutes goofing around and taking pictures before we realized we were across the street from a restaurant featuring giant plate glass windows. When we looked over it was clear I had put on quite the shows for those lunchgoers!

traveling Robin Hood and Bailie2


16 thoughts on “Shot Through The Heart by Robin Hood

  1. Ahahaha that happens to me all the time. There’s a two-way mirror at the Ripley museum in NYC where at the beginning of the exhibit it tells you that x percentage of people can do x with your tongue so of course you start making all sorts of stupid faces in the mirror… and then you get to the end and the other side of the mirror and realize people were watching you!

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