Feeling Beautiful From All Angles

Yesterday I saw Betsy was doing a link up of posts about a time where you felt beautiful, I thought it was just a wonderful idea and could not wait to write up my post. Which I did about four times in my head, each one though was just not right somehow so I thought I would look through some old pictures and see if one had caught a moment where I was feeling beautiful.

See and that is what has me caught up because looking beautiful is so different than feeling beautiful isn’t it. I found all sorts of pictures of myself in different hair colors, weights, places, and ages and for each of those categories I was able to find pictures that I thought I looked beautiful in.

However how many was I feeling beautiful in, while the picture was taken was I sucking in my stomach or trying to hide my arms? And now I had hit roadblock number two because was I trying to find a moment I felt physically beautiful in or that I felt like a beautiful person, that my inner beauty was coming through?

I really do believe that a person can be beautiful or ugly from the inside out but merely having a pretty exterior does not a beautiful person make.

With all of that in mind I went back through the pictures and realized that on my graduation day I felt beautiful inside and out. I was the first college graduate in my family and being able to have that day for myself and my family was so wonderful.


In all the pictures of the day I have that same huge smile on my face, my mom actually has this picture on a mug and framed in her office.

One reason I think this day meant and means so much to me and I associate it with beauty is because I really felt validated in myself that day. Like most women I have had my bouts of insecurities but for the most part have liked how I looked and have often been complimented on physical aspects of myself.

I however have always had huge insecurities in terms of being smart, honestly just on Sunday when I was talking with my mom she had to remind me not to put myself down in that capacity. So when I graduated college, which was something that no one else could take credit for or take away from me since I had done all the work, I felt like part of that final piece of me was starting to fall into place.

I know now it is becoming more prominent that we should compliment girls on things other than being pretty which I hugely support because while at 28 I can have confidence in my physical appearance I would also like to be able to think of myself as being beautiful because I am smart.

What are you thoughts on being beautiful?

10 thoughts on “Feeling Beautiful From All Angles

  1. I definitely think you can be pretty on the outside but not beautiful on the inside. We all have things about ourselves we don’t think are beautiful. I love the picture you showed! You do look beautiful, and your smile is radiant. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This photo is gorgeous, and it’s probably for all those reasons you’ve said. You look beautiful, but more than that, you’re radiating happiness and confidence. Maybe beauty isn’t something that can really be defined, but you know it when you see it. I can see it in this post, and in the picture. As we say in the UK….gaw-jus!

  3. Beautiful post, Bailie – and beautiful picture! You are just beaming, confident and radiant and happy. I definitely think we can look beautiful, but that’s only a tiny part of the equation – the rest is all how we feel and how confident we are, and those are much more important!

  4. How lovely to read this – you are gorgeous in every pic I have seen of you, but I know what you mean about feeling beautiful inside and outside. Great post!

  5. I am SO loving how everyone’s highlighting the difference between LOOKING beautiful and FEELING beautiful. it’s amazing!

    I read something a few months ago about ways to compliment girls that don’t involve commenting on their looks… your last paragraph reminded me of that so I’ll try to find the article for you!

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