Today in Sunday

Hello so if you were not sure it is Sunday and things are mellow as yellow in the Hemborg house today.

We went out and had a big night last night, it was big big big and ended in a bit of sickyness for Mr. H but sometimes you just need to do that once in awhile.

In other news this picture is the greatest thing ever.




Do you watch Criminal Minds, we watched the season opener on Friday and it was a total creepfest. I was surprised I did not have nightmares after but with that said I cannot wait to watch the next episode, I do not like scary movies but I love getting freaked out by TV shows.

With that in mind if you do like Criminal Minds you should watch Whitechapel, it is an English murder mystery detective show and soooo creepy and awesome. And not to worry it has its own hunky detective to distract you from the too scary gory stuff!


Also tonight I am making this for dinner and our house smells like my childhood home on crisp (well as crisp as Southern California could get) fall nights which is wonderful.

Another bonus is that I have a cozy soft purple hoodie to keep me warm.Photo on 9-29-13 at 8.17 PM

My grandmother got it for me when we went to the Stone Brewing brewery back home and it is now the perfect thing to keep me warm while I keep the couch warm!

Hope your weekend was great and see you tomorrow for Weekly Wishes!


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