Short Can Be Just As Good – In People and Books

I just love to read, especially at night when I get all snuggled in bed. However when a good book grabs me it is so hard to put it down and I keep reading till it is well past midnight, 1 AM, 2 AM and then I am a zombie the next day.

I know I cannot be the only one so I thought I would share a solution I have found.

Short stories anthologies have been my nighttime savior, instead of when the next chapter is over again and again you have a very clear stopping point. I know it seems like you could do it with saying the next story but I have found that starting to invest in a new one when it is lights out does not interest me.

These are a few I have read and enjoyed:


Ok no surprise I started with an Agatha Christie as I can never get enough of her but it was fun to read some of her other detectives and see Poirot wrap up a mystery so fast!


I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of short stories in here but this was such a wonderful introduction to the world of Lord Peter and I cannot wait to read some of her longer length stories.


If you are into the supernatural side of reading this was a fun and cheeky look at vampires, ghosts and other creepie crawlie night things along with birthdays.

Do you like short stories and have any to recommend to me?


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