Using All My Muscles

You know when you start over thinking things and then just freeze?

Well that has happened to me with week with blogging. I felt like I was such a roll coming up with posts featuring great content and then it is like I just went blank. No actually in the shower I have been coming up with great stuff the thing is since I cannot take my laptop into the shower with me by the time I sit down it is gone.

So once again I am taking a cue from Belinda and just writing to write, exercising thee old brain.

Photo on 9-19-13 at 1.21 PM #2

Last night I finished this embroidery project I have been working on. It is by far my favorite project yet and when I was halfway through I told Mr. H it was not to be used for groceries and now I just want to hang it on the wall and not use the bag at all!

Tonight I am going to start a new project on fabric I have never embroidered on before, which we ended up with a ton of because I had never bought fabric in Sweden before and neither had Mr. H. It is ok though because then I can do a few pieces for wall hangings and sampler pieces.

Photo on 9-18-13 at 12.30 PM #2

In other news I am in the same spot as the top pictures because I have to use the camera computer to take pictures because we need batteries for the real camera and are waiting till we go to the mall next week so we can get them from IKEA since they are good and cheap.

But more exciting than that is if you live where you can buy Marabou chocolate the white chocolate one is awesomeness squared. And yes the bar is actually that giant, but I promise Mr. H ate more of it then I did!

Well I am now going to walk 400 feet in the rain with the weeks laundry which should be fun!


25 thoughts on “Using All My Muscles

  1. What a gorgeous bag! It looks wonderful =)
    I can second the bath crayons – I had some for my son, but I would occasionally start my grocery list in the shower…

  2. Love the bag—makes me want to pick up an embroidery project! Sorry can’t help you with ideas for blog posts… I know over the years I’ve written a bazillion posts in my head, but when I sit at the computer..they end up being published!

  3. You are so talented! I love the bag so much!

    I will take up my knitting again when I move to the US (in two weeks – yaaaaaaay) as I know there are lots of places that do knitting/crafting supplies. Cannot wait!

  4. I have been determined to get in to some kind of crafty hobby for the loooong dark nights that are heading our way, and you are inspiring me to consider embroidery! Though I’m probably more likely to actually take up eating Marabou white chocolate…

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