Colors of the Rainbow

I love reading a post and seeing at the bottom the blogger chose me to participate in the link up, I mean it is like you are at school and getting offered a seat at a lunch table! So this morning while going through bloglovin’ I was so excited that Jamie at Expat Tales from Stockholm picked me to be part of the Capture the Color Contest. The idea is to pick a picture to represent each color and be entered into a contest, I have decided to tweak it a bit and make it a color photo rainbow and bow out of the contest part.


Mr. H when we visited Old Trafford, I am not sure if it was intentional but I loved how he matched everything!


I took this picture in San Francisco’s Chinatown this summer, I love it because everyone in our group was being a grump but around us it was all cheery and fun.


Mmmmmm cold beer on a hot day….

rain in England

Mr. H walking through the rain in the Lakes District.


This summer we were lucky enough to spend one night in a very nice resort and the coffee area of our room was blue!


Mr. H took this picture in my grandparents backyard and I love the flowers contrasted with the creepy spider!

So there is a little color for you on Wednesday hope you liked it!


8 thoughts on “Colors of the Rainbow

  1. Oh, I love the orange picture! I had such a great time in San Francisco years ago, I’d really like to go back for a visit sometime soon. I’m glad you enjoyed being chosen, I was hesitant about each person at first!

  2. First of all, I could have sworn I was following this blog, and then today I realised I hadn’t seen posts in my feed for a while and I discovered I wasn’t – I think it might have kicked me off!

    Second, I love your take on the challenge. I’ve not entered in any serious way – I have zero photography skills for a start – but I loved playing with the colours and seeing what I could find.

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