What Language Do You Exclude?

Have you been following along with Belinda’s Blogging Compass Series? If not you should because she has been raising some great points about blogging in a very genuine and engaging way, one of which was using your true voice.

It has been on my mind about what directions I want to take my blog and what kind of posts I feel engaged in writing. As I am trying to be more myself in my writing the use of curse words has been going around and around in my head.

I do not feel like I ever read bloggers using any words that someone may find offensive, now I am not talking about being racist or something like that but having words such as shit, crap, or damn in their posts.

I know this is an area that varies with each person and how they were raised plays a big part in their views. As a child my parents were always very careful not to use “bad” words around me and it was very clear but unstated that if I were to use one they would be ashamed which is the worst thing to to do to your parents or so I thought as a child. My mom would on occasion call my dad a prick when she was mad, to my child brain though I was always just confused because I thought it meant something pointy like a prick from a needle and I could never see how my dad was being very pointy.

Now that brings me to myself currently, if you were to talk with me in person for say an hour I am sure at one point I would use any range of “bad” words ranging from shit to fuck. That is just how I am, and have been for somewhere in my teens. Is there other words that I could use in their place, sure but you know what that is just not me.  I am a girl that is very likely to exclaim “what the fuck are they doing up there” when my neighbors are loud or “they are full of crap” when I am not pleased with someone (well not to their face but to Mr. H later for sure).

Those words however do not make up my full vocabulary and Mr. H and I do a word of the week from words I have come across reading and did not know. (coming to the blog in October!)

Awhile back we watched a Stephen Fry documentary about language and one installment was dedicated to offensive words and it was fascinating to see so many varied views on what is ok to say and how relative words can be. I know that these words that I think are fine to say because they express what I want to in the moment might turn some people away which brings me to the point of should I not use them then or should I as it would make my posts more authentic and therefore more engaging?

So I am curious do you feel like you exclude or modify your normal language for blogging and where do you stand on “bad” words?

11 thoughts on “What Language Do You Exclude?

  1. I don’t use bad language at all. Not in my everyday life or my writing. It isn’t something I’m comfortable with. Even as an adult! But, I don’t mind when other people use it. If it is the way they would normally talk then they probably shouldn’t hide it in the old blog either. If you want to, go for it!

  2. I use “bad” language really really frequently irl. But I limit it to more mild “bad” words when I am blogging. I don’t really cuss in public, it’s more of a privacy of my own home deal so it’s easy and natural to censor it for blogging.

  3. I can relate to the ‘prick’ story. When I was younger and heard the word bastard, I used to wonder why people called each other baskets. LOL.
    Hmm this is a thought-provoking post. I have been cutting down on the usage of bad words – ah, blame it on my teen years when I was introduced to ‘colorful’ language – and my mom hates foul language so… yeah. I used to use bad language in old posts but now I keep it to a bare minimum, like maybe one or two if I’m really mad or annoyed. I am, however, fine with other people using it.

  4. Your childhood explanation of “prick” is hilarious – the way our minds work as kids!
    As a kid, I thought “stupid” was a swear and didn’t quite realize that it wasn’t until I was 11 or so. Nowadays, I try to limit my bad language to “crap” on my blog since I have family members reading that have stronger opinions towards “bad” language than I do. I think I’ve done a good job of not letting anything slip… yet…

  5. Is it bad that living in a country that speaks another language has made me numb to swear words? I don’t use them, because I just don’t think they’re necessary, and I know how they can affect certain people. But I don’t even pay attention to them any more. None of the English songs on the radio are edited, and often, foreign people who speak English here love using English swear words. Sometimes, those are the only words they know.

  6. I look at profanity the same way I look at sex and violence in plot lines. Do they serve a purpose? Are they necessary to get the story from where it is to where it needs to be? Or are they throw in there because you want to be shocking/get attention/are bored? So yes, I use profanity both in real life and on my blog, but the same way as I use sex and violence when I write books – when they are necessary to get the point across and when they actually are relevant to where the story is going, but that’s it.

  7. What an interesting question. I don’t modify my writing at all. My friends say reading my blog is extremely similar to listening to me talk. I don’t use “bad” words in real life or in my writing. And, honestly I am turned off by bad words. I don’t know if I’d say I’m offended by them, but I don’t like them. I do have friends that curse, but I personally don’t use curse words.

  8. I probably use bad words more than I should in real life, but there is a line. For instance, I don’t swear when talking to colleagues, or when in a professional environment. I also wouldn’t swear anywhere I didn’t really know a person – at the bank, post office, supermarket – or when meeting someone new. A blog post is a bit like that; you don’t know who is reading or what their preference is. I’m not insulted by bad words, but I understand if people are, and I would hate to upset people by using foul language when I can use other language instead.

  9. I think that propert swear words need to be utilised in the proper situations – I myself use them too much in my day to day life (but don’t use them at work) but on the blog I censor myself pretty thorougly!

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