Feeling Wonderful in My Own Body

Yesterday Amanda at Rhyme & Ribbons wrote a great post about what she loves about her body. She started the post talking about her personal past with body issues which is an issue I think so many can relate to.

For me growing up in Southern California I was surrounded by women who were not set on being real women. They wanted to look like the women of movies, having long lean bodies with perky boobs and giant fake smiles. Now not everyone was like that but once you see them it seems they are everywhere and can overwhelm anyone.

Living there I always felt out of place by my features and my views on how I wanted to let myself be myself. After moving to Sweden though I have become so much more comfortable in my body. For some reason the fact that I was instantly an outsider via being from America made me really start to fall in love with myself body and mind. I guess it was because no matter what I was not competing with the women I was seeing, I saw them as Swedish and having their own cultural ideas of the female form I was able to be ok with mine.

Interestingly enough this has led me to enjoy exercising for the first time in my life because once again I do not feel judged or in competition while I do it but that it is simply a great way to be healthy and energized.

So like Amanda I am going to share some things I love about myself!


I am always smiling it is just how I am and I love that it is cheery and as silly as it sounds I think my big teeth really make it what it is!

smelling hops eyes

I feel like I am a smizer as Tyra Banks would say, I also feel like my eyes stand out because whenever I get new eye makeup Mr. H always comments but I can wear the same earrings for weeks and when I point them out he is like huhhhhh.


Ok so a picture of ankles is hard to come by but I thought this one they were noticeable. Anyways I have always loved that I have really defined ankles and honestly on down days I will make sure to put on something I think accentuates them.


What do you love about your body?


10 thoughts on “Feeling Wonderful in My Own Body

  1. This is a hard one for me! Since I had a baby 2.5 yrs ago my body is so different. Heck, my body is completely unrecognizable since turning 30! I am now 33 and I haven’t loved my body. I don’t even want to look in the mirror. Pictures? Out of the question. No way man.

    But, I’m going to need to start working on it. I don’t have very many pictures {only a couple} of me and my son together. Which is shameful. I already miss not having photos of us to look at. I need to do what it takes to make me feel more comfortable. I’m missing out on life.

    What do I love about my body? I used to always love my eyes. But they look so tired and drained now. I need to love them again.

    • I feel you, as I get older things just are not way they were 10 years ago and probably in another ten will be even lower. Maybe doing a goal of a weekly photo and you can get dressed up and do your hair and makeup and as time goes on and you treasure the pictures you will start to once again see the beauty you are not seeing now.

  2. This is great. I think women often find it hard to find the good in themselves; I know I do. It can be really difficult to do anything when we constantly compare ourselves to other people. Someone told me once that my only competition was myself. If I feel like I’m not being the best I can be, whether that’s in relation to fitness/health, study, work, then I need to work on that, but it’s not fair and not realistic to measure yourself against others.

    Your eyes are beautiful, btw x

  3. Your smile is INCREDIBLE! It’s so lovely and welcoming. It’s what I imagine when I picture an “ideal” smile! What are some Swedish standards of beauty? And how do they differ from American ones? xx

    PS- I was always jealous of girls like you who had perfect ankles. Do you remember when anklets were the big trend? Girls with cankles (like me) never could pull off the anklet… x

  4. This is great – I love that you posted this. It’s important to be comfortable with yourself and remind ourselves that we do have good features. And you really have a great smile!

    My body hasn’t gone back to anything near like it was before my son was born (almost 4 years, yikes), but I’m surprisingly more happy with my butt than before, lol. Since moving to the Netherlands and biking everywhere, it’s done my rear quite a bit of good. Now to just get the rest of me into shape!

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