Blogtember – Life Changing or Perspective Changing

The prompt for today is to share a life changing moment.


Fate, Destiny, Providence

I believe in fate, I believe that I am going along living my life with things set on a course. I believe I am meant to be where I am and doing what I am and that there are things in the future I am also meant to experience that will shape me as a person.

I have experienced many moments in my life that would be considered life changing such as graduating college, meeting Mr. H, moving to Sweden, being dumped by my long term boyfriend. I think of them however as perspective changing, my life was already on course to graduate so it was my perspective on the world that was changed when it happened not like my as if my life was going in a straight line and all of a sudden made a sharp right.

Does believing that mean life is not exciting, hard, or frustrating to me at times? No, because like I said I believe things play out they way they are meant to but I have no idea what that is and I am building myself through these experiences.

I am not sure how I come across via my blog writing but I am a very happy person, content in where I am now and that the future will have its hardships but it will also be wonderful.

Living thinking all is by chance just would not work for me but I am not saying I am right, just that this is what I live life thinking.

I would also like to add this does not tie to any certain religion, all of that is still something I am working out and deciding where I stand on things which I am sure seems contradictory but it is what it is.

I am very interested to hear what your thoughts are on the matter, even if they are the complete opposite of mine.

5 thoughts on “Blogtember – Life Changing or Perspective Changing

  1. Ooh lots of lovely food for thought!

    I agree that experiences shape you, and I don’t believe that everything is by change, but I love my Grandma’s favourite saying: “what’s for you won’t go by you.” Partly because I can look at it from two angles, and remember that things that go by me (a job I didn’t get, an unrequited love) weren’t for me.

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