I am Introverted But Ok With It

The prompt for today is to take a personality test and see what you think of the results. Well since I had written down each prompt last month in my planner I knew this one was coming and thought I would do a little experiment by taking the test at two different time and compare the results.

I found the prime time to take the first test on evening when Mr. H and I were relaxing and having a few beers. I took the second test on a lazy Sunday afternoon spent blogging and game playing.

Here are the test one results:

test one

I thought these results seemed pretty accurate and besides being judgemental I fell into everything else pretty evenly.

Here are the test two results:

test two

And this is where I got interested, because honestly what the first test told me was the same thing some bitchy person would say to get me mad and I would respond uhhhh duh you think!

See I knew I was introverted, hello I read over a 100 books last year, and I knew I was judgemental it is something I have tried to change my whole life and have the limited amount of friends to attest to it. And while I would love to error on the side of thinking and reason more being intuitive and not an over thinker led me to this great life in Sweden with Mr. H so really lets  us all screw thinking!

I was however amazed to see how much a few beers could really lower my inhibitions, the percentage of drinking introvertedness vs non drinking was 22%. You hear about it and see it on television but at 28 I honestly thought I was not so affected by beer as that!

Beyond being amazed I am not so sure what to do with that information though, I mean the drinking introvertedness is still moderate so it is not like I am some swinging from the chandeliers chatty-cathy at parties per the numbers but what is that I feel?

I feel awkward at parties and dread them all week, but so much of it can do with the people.


This not so great picture is from a party we went to last Spring. A party I thought about ditching a million times over and as you can see sat myself in the far corner  when we arrived but the thing is by the end of the night I was signing ABBA at the top of my lungs with my new friends.

Not friends that were just because of the wine, but friends I have seen over and over since that night and will be seeing again this coming weekend. That does not mean I am not a little nervous but it does mean that once I am there I will talk and sit away from the corner.

So I know that even though I have (extreme) introverted tendencies I also can be a great addition to a party and if all else fails Mr. H will always talk to me!

How much stock to you take in personality tests?


7 thoughts on “I am Introverted But Ok With It

  1. I absolutely love personality tests! I think they’re so much fun, and mine are always pretty accurate to how I am. I’m not a huge drinker, but I think that’s a funny thought: what would my personality type be with a few beers?

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