Un- Blogtember – Year One in a Capsule

The prompt for today is “A story about a time you were very afraid” and you know I am just not in the mood for dredging up those kind of memories. It is Friday and Mr. H and I have plans to celebrate our five year anniversary a week early and I am feeling all mushy gushy in love!

Originally we were going to a birthday party tonight and celebrating next weekend but sadly the birthday girl has been sick all week so the party has been postponed till next week. I am not too picky about actual dates though so this weekend is going to be anniversary weekend!

Also this week I am going to be doing a little tribute to our five years together!

year one

Year One was a big one for us!


Moved in together (after knowing each other for a month and a half)

Got engaged (after dating for 9 months)

Lived in Sweden and America

Went to Disneyland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Solvang along with exploring as much of Orange and Los Angeles County

Saw Trivium, The Offspring, and Kings of Leon

Had three different hair colors (me) and about five different facial hairstyles (Mr. H)

Got plugs (Mr. H)

Turned 24 (both of us)

Fell madly, truly, and deeply in love!

Happy Happy Friday to you and I hope I also made you feel mushy gushy in love too!


4 thoughts on “Un- Blogtember – Year One in a Capsule

  1. You did make me feel all mushy and gushy in love I just wanted to squeeze my Hubby! I love to hear other love stories as it is such a lovely reminder of what is good in the world!

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